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Introducing the “Ultimate Anti-Hair Loss Duo” exclusively at, where we’ve paired the unparalleled power of SH Plus with the revitalizing RD1 to forge the ultimate weapon against hair loss. SH Plus isn’t just a shampoo; it’s a hair loss halt command center, meticulously formulated to not only put a stop to hair thinning but also to rejuvenate your scalp, laying down the foundation for healthier, stronger hair. And when it comes to RD1, we’re talking about our top-tier anti-hair loss spray, specifically designed to fortify your hair’s strength, vitality, and growth. Together, this dynamic duo is your frontline defense and recovery solution in the battle against hair loss, turning the tides in favor of a fuller, more vibrant head of hair.

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The “Anti-Hair Loss Power Duo” from features :


An advanced hair treatment scientifically formulated to block the formation of DHT, improve hair anchoring and add nutrition to the hair and scalp, significantly reducing hairloss and maximising hair growth.

Packed with the most cutting-edge ingredients to address all four phases of hair growth. This formula adds a slight texture to the hair for increased volume and decreased fluff. With a forever use outer bottle and a refill glass vial.

Redensyl | a synergistic blend of 4 molecules that target stem cells and human fibroblasts from the dermal papilla to improve hair density

Capixyl |  an innovative and unique active complex of peptides and red clover extract that work in tandem to regenerate hair follicles by modulating levels of DHT and improving anchorage

Capi-Secretys sourced from the stem cells of turmeric. Works by keeping hair follicles in the anagen phase longer and out of the telogen phase

Caffeine | an antioxidant that improves the active growing phase of hair, providing intense capillary stimulation at the root of each follicle

Panthenol | its humectant-like moisturizing properties protect the hair from dehydration, adhering each strand strongly to its cuticle and penetrating deep into the cortex of the hair shaft

Tego Cosmo | a naturally occurring amino acid derivative which rebuilds and strengthens hair structure from within, resulting in a decrease of fiber breakage

Swertia Herb Extract and Orich-37m | improves blood circulation to the scalp, new growth is turbo charged and the resulting hair is thicker and fuller.

RD1 Recovery and Defence Spray contains 20 ml.


A groundbreaking, ultra thickening shampoo, harnessing pioneering ingredients and technology to deliver our most powerful anti-hair loss treatment yet.

Our patented, lab formulated PRC PLUS compound contains 20 active ingredients, including high percentages of these four, key clinically trialed blends.

Baicapil | During studies 68.6% of volunteers experienced an increased A/T ratio,  activating telogen follicles and extending the anagen phase. After three months of Baicapil application, hair loss was reduced by 60.6%. and hair density increased by 59.3%.

Capixyl  |  Capixyl has been shown to increase the number of hairs per centimetre by 79% after 4 months. Digital trichograms of volunteers showed + 15% growth,  -52% loss and +79% density over four months.

Redensyl | After 7 and 10 days trial using Redensyl, hair growth was increased by +214% compared to untreated, and showed almost two times higher results than Minoxidil, the benchmark reference.

Procapil | During studies, 68% volunteers had an improvement in the anagen hair density, with 90% agreeing that the product favoured hair growth, and 80% experiencing a noticeable reduction in hair loss. 

A further 16 dynamic, plant-based and laboratory formulated extracts work together at both cellular and dermal levels, to modulate DHT, inhibit 5-α reductase, strengthen anchoring proteins and fight the follicle aging process – stimulating growth, increasing density and allowing the recovery of a younger, thicker and healthier look.

Pioneering innovation includes a newly-discovered molecule called dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG), a compound derived from plant extracts. When this biological component is combined with water, zinc and glycerin, it targets the hair follicle, encouraging the division and proliferation of the stem cells that directly lead to hair growth.

Further clinical studies and ingredients can be found in the Technology and FAQ tabs.

SH PLUS Ultra Thickening Shampoo contains 200 ml.


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