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Introducing Patricks RD1 Anti Hair Loss Spray, an an Esquire award-winning hair treatment expertly crafted to revolutionize your hair care routine. This advanced formula is specifically designed to block DHT, strengthen hair anchoring, and infuse vital nutrients into the scalp and hair, significantly diminishing hair loss and enhancing hair growth. Its composition includes a range of groundbreaking ingredients like Redensyl, Capixyl, Capi-Secretys, and others, addressing all stages of hair growth. With added benefits from caffeine and panthenol, this spray not only improves hair health but also adds texture and volume. The innovative blend of Tego Cosmo and Swertia Herb Extract reinforces hair strength, leading to thicker, more robust growth. Presented in a sustainable, refillable bottle, the RD1 Anti Hair Loss Spray is a testament to Patricks’ commitment to excellence in hair care, as evidenced by its accolades in the industry. Simple to apply, a few sprays massage into the scalp transform your hair into a fuller, healthier state, deserving of its award-winning status.

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The Patricks RD1 Anti Hair Loss Spray is a scientifically formulated advanced hair treatment designed to combat hair loss and promote hair growth. It effectively blocks the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a key factor in hair loss, and improves hair anchoring while adding essential nutrients to the hair and scalp. This contributes significantly to reducing hair loss and maximizing hair growth. The RD1 formula is packed with cutting-edge ingredients that address all four phases of hair growth:

  1. Redensyl: A blend of four molecules targeting stem cells and human fibroblasts in the dermal papilla to improve hair density.
  2. Capixyl: A unique active complex of peptides and red clover extract, regenerating hair follicles by modulating DHT levels and improving anchorage.
  3. Capi-Secretys: Derived from turmeric stem cells, it prolongs the anagen (growth) phase and minimizes the telogen (resting) phase of hair follicles.
  4. Caffeine: An antioxidant that stimulates the active growth phase of hair, enhancing capillary stimulation at each follicle’s root.
  5. Panthenol: Provides humectant-like moisturizing properties, protecting the hair from dehydration and adhering strongly to the hair cuticle.
  6. Tego Cosmo: A naturally occurring amino acid derivative, it rebuilds and strengthens hair structure from within, decreasing fiber breakage.
  7. Swertia Herb Extract and Orich-37m: Improves blood circulation to the scalp, encouraging thicker and fuller hair growth.

RD1 Recovery and Defence Spray contains 20 ml.

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48 reviews for RD1 | ANTI HAIRLOSS SPRAY

  1. Victor Gomez

    The product is very easy to use. I like the smell. It makes the hair feel thicker automatically. I hope it works for the hair loss. It seems promising. I really like how the hair looks after applying

  2. Drew Kilpatrick

    Smells great. Makes hair feel/look thicker. Though NOT worth the $90 price tag as it didn’t even last a full month.

  3. Joel

    Not worth the money

  4. Suchay Yalamanchi

    Hair loss has stopped plus smells amazing!

  5. Chris Wilson

    It smells lovely, isn’t greasy so I can use my M1 paste pretty quickly afterwards.
    It seems to provide a thickening effect after application.
    As for the efficacy – only had it a couple of weeks so cannot comment but with all the active ingredients, I am hopeful it will make a difference.

  6. Russell Garton

    Great product. Really adds volume to my hair.

  7. Madeleine McKeown

    I have only just received the Anti Hairloss Spray so have only used it once – but oh my!! I can see a difference – my hair does not look anything like as thin and wispy as it usually does!

  8. Robert Stewart

    Hair definitely thicker.

  9. Brian Denton

    Great product! Seeing a difference already.

  10. Mr. Tom Griffiths

    Early days but seems to be thinking things up

  11. Christopher G.

    best hair thickener ive ever used. goes in easy and def makes my hair look and feel thicker. will def be buying again.

  12. Craig Austin

    hair feels nice and fuller, early to tell if hairloss is any different

  13. Tom Wynne

    Smells great and seems to have a thickening effect, but it’s a bit early to see the long term impact. Will stick with it though.

  14. Nadeem Khan

    Smells amazing. My hair feels fuller with this product.

  15. Gene Locascio

    I’m into it so far, we’ll see how the effects are over time

  16. Brian Cabrera

    Definitely worth your money. You get great volume/texture with styling. The smell is incredible! Hair feels great and healthy!

  17. John Felise

    Not sure I can see any clear results yet

  18. Ben Chamberlain

    Excellent product and smells amazing. Provides a nice textured look without need for hair product. Service exceptional, arrived within a few days.
    Will need to provide a longer term review with results.

  19. Brandon Davis

    It works!!!

  20. James Sullivan

    Good product. A bit too early to tell how effective but am noticing it looks a little thicker.

  21. Sanil Raje

    Great Product. Highly recommended.

  22. Ravi Dalal

    Great spray. Early to know how effective, but so far feels good and looks a little thicker

  23. Darren Johnson

    Yes does make hair feel thicker. Growth too early to know only after 5 days. Hair growth is a long time process and takes at least 3 months to show changes. Though I have researched all the ingredients and they are related to enabling more growth.

  24. Kieran Donelly

    Great product

  25. Josh Walker

    Love the RD-1. Adds nice volume !

  26. Faisal Alhawaj

    This thing is a 11/10. Not surprised tho… Always been a believer in whatever Patricks comes up with. I always search deeply about the key ingredients. According to my research, these things should definitely work. Anyways this thing just feels amazing in the scalp and hair! (Game changer). It even smells so good. Really really impressed! Also love the refillable bottle idea.

  27. Benjamin Martinez

    Does what it says! Smells great, noticed more volume

  28. Bill Giannoukos

    Been using this product for a couple of weeks, although too early to tell how well it works for hair loss, it does have a really nice smell and it is easy to apply. Leaves my hair looking thick soon after applying the spray. Promising signs.

  29. Mathew Williams

    Good product easy to use an not as greasy as other products I have used

  30. Shannon Geikie

    need more time to assess the effectiveness of this type of product

  31. Daniel Lee

    What a great addition to my daily routine. Only 4-5 sprays around the front of the top of the head are enough. I actually don’t even need to style my hair with additional products. This is it. I’ve been using it for about a couple of months now and it lasts about 30 days. You don’t need a lot, just dabble it on and work it in. Looking forward to adding Patricks version of the minoxidil when it’s released.

  32. Adam Vaile

    Nice product, smells great. Initial effect is good, will need to see how it impacts my hair longer term but happy so far

  33. Paul

    Nicely marketed and packaged for convenience. Smells nice. It adds some volume to my thin hair but nothing ground breaking. Probably overpriced for a 30 day supply and not economical longer term.

  34. chris snelling

    it seems like my hair has slowly stopped falling out, it helps I guess, but I’ve only been using it for a month, not long enough to tell

    expensive for a small bottle but if it works then it is worth the price

  35. Martin Yeung

    Very nice smell and keen to see if it’s having positive response from my hair over time.

  36. Michael Propersi

    Also makes styling easy with a light hold. no need for any hairspray

  37. F Carroll

    Super quick delivery, great product to use

  38. Antonios Bournakas

    Such a great product with a great smell and great texture through the hair. Recommend you give this a try!

  39. Andy Penney

    Love the smell of it & only just started using it but already seeing results

  40. Omar Sanyurah

    RD1 is an excellent hair product. I use it before applying the M3 and my hair looks effortlessly classic every day. I have also noticed that my hair has added volume. Its hard to find a hair product that styles well while simultaneously improving the health of your hair, but this along with the M3 product are exceptional at both.

  41. Tony lopes

    Disappointed. Smells great and great packaging but doesn’t work. No Hair regrowth at all

  42. Hannah Wallace

    Patrick’s is high-end and worth the extra money to have better performing and smelling products. The recovery and defense spray smells amazing and leave my hair feeling soft and with a little extra volume

  43. Wesley Dick

    Improved results after the first week. Excellent product

  44. Kunal Kalro

    Makes your hair smell super

  45. Ozzy Jasso

    Recently ordered the patricks line to try it out and can I say, this stuff immediately made my hair feel so soft. Only complaint I could have would be what I wish the scents were stronger, but In terms of sheer effectiveness this it for me

  46. Daniel Starr

    Have used fir a few weeks now. Hair looks like it has more volume. Smells great and easy too use

  47. Steven Gray

    Bought the shampoo, conditioner and defense spray. My wife loves the smell of the products. Shampoo works great. You can feel the conditioner working immediately. Feels good to the scalp. Defense spray works great and starting to see results. Will continue using to see long lasting results.

  48. danielmdg (verified owner)

    Good product, I boutht it few months ago, it works but we need to be consistent.

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