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Elevate your hair care routine with Patricks CD1 Stimulating & Thickening Conditioner. This award-winning formula is a game-changer for those concerned with or beginning to experience hair loss. Its unique composition, enriched with thickening proteins, instantly amplifies the hair shaft. Menthol gently stimulates the scalp, leaving hair and scalp nourished and refreshed. Infused with White Mint and Vetiver Cologne, CD1 not only improves hair density and fullness but also indulges the senses. Suitable for thin to normal hair, it’s an ideal complement to SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo. Free from cruelty, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, this product promises the ultimate in hair care luxury. Containing 200 ml, it’s made in the USA and perfect for daily use.

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CD1 stimulating and thickening conditioner is specifically formulated for men concerned with or beginning to experience hair loss. Fortified with thickening proteins to instantly swell the hair shaft and menthol to gently stimulate the scalp, CD1 leaves your hair and scalp nourished. Finished with White Mint and Vetiver Cologne.

Contains Patricks Recovery Compound which combines both plant-based and scientifically engineered ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy. The synergistic actions of these ingredients directly address hair loss while promoting growth and improving scalp and hair health.

Best Suited to: Thin to Normal Hair. Those concerned with or beginning to experience hair loss. Use in conjunction with SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo.

Cruelty, Sulfate, Paraben and Phthalate Free. Made in USA.

CD1 Stimulating & Thickening Conditioner contains 200 ml.


  1. David S.

    Have been using CD1 for a year and I don’t intend to ever stop. Hair feels completely different to the touch, smell is amazing. Aside from the quality of the product itself, the packaging is great–it helps ensure you get the exact right amount you need, which is not much.
    Definitely recommend! Patrick’s products are amazing!

  2. Rocco

    Wont use anything else.

  3. Nicholas

    SH1 and CD1 have completely transformed the look and feel of my hair (usually quite fine).
    My hair has become a lot more manageable and the texture is more lush and smooth.
    The packaging is great! It helps ensure you get the exact right amount you need, which is not much. A small amount is really all you need.
    Last, the scents are all great. Each one is subtle and sophisticated in its characteristics. It’s a fun sensory experience.

  4. James McCarthy

    Patricks CD conditioner smells great, comes in a stylish pump pack and is packed full of powerful ingredients to help mens hair.

  5. Aaron Beckman

    Really like this product. Invigorating on the scalp and fresh on the finish. I love the smell of the white mint and vetiver.

  6. Joel Pringle

    Just a fantastic product, love it.

  7. Jason Nagy

    awesome product – smells amazing

  8. Kevin Van

    Smells so good

  9. Brian H.

    Great when used in conjunction with all the other Patricks fine products!

  10. Garrett B.

    Top of the line product that works as advertised! Smells great too

  11. Thomas V.


  12. Vikesh B.

    Patrick’s CD1 and CD2 makes you hair feel fuller and silky. It smells amazing too.

  13. Leigh Stafford

    Love the smell – Don’t know if helping with hairloss but time will tell (I have been using for 2weeks only) Customer service is just as amazing as there packaging. Maybe (If not already) use ocean plastics etc but

  14. Antoni Domanski

    Loved it since I tried the sample kit. Smells great, makes my hair feel and look good. Even the bottle looks fantastic!

  15. Seiya Taguchi

    Well designed, very refreshing.

  16. Lewis Hayward

    I have been using this now for just over a year and the fact I keep coming back means something. This alongside the SH1 shampoo has made my hair look thicker and feel stronger. This smells so good and leaves my hair feeling well nourished.

  17. Andrew Salazar

    Makes my hair feel amazing and smells great.

  18. Ross Cameron

    The best conditioner I have tried. This smells amazing, and leaves my hair feeling thick and healthy everytime I use it. This was the first time I have used this, but will definitely be buying more!

  19. Adam Chase

    This conditioner is the best I have ever used. It gives my hair strength, thickness and shine while taming any flyaways

  20. Kevin Worland

    Have been using for about 6 weeks and have already started to notice a difference

  21. Tim Delaney

    Smells great, scalp feels amazing. I’ll be repurchasing.

  22. Billy Iatrou

    Everything about this product is great from the sleek packaging, to the wonderful scent and most importantly the great results I have seen since I started using it. Cant recommend this enough!

  23. Craig Lamont

    Best conditioner about, hair feels completely different using this compared to anything else!!!

  24. Luke Daniels

    Brilliant product. Have been using for a couple of weeks now and hair feels noticeably thicker. Will be continuing to use.

  25. Daniel Parry

    Excellent conditioner, works wonders combined with SH1 shampoo. Love the smell, my partner loves it too!! And just to add the service is second to none, fast dispatch and well packaged in recycled packaging!

  26. Nigel Rowan

    Hair feels great. I have fine hair so this stuff is the goods for giving it some body.

  27. Alexander Round

    Great product, after just 2 weeks of using I will definitely be purchasing this product again. Scalp feels great and so does the texture of my hair. Highly recommend.

  28. Robin Gower

    Top quality stuff. From the communication, to the design, to the most important thing – the product itself. Love the stuff! I’ve been using the thickening shampoo and conditioner for a couple of weeks and I can already see the difference. I’ve tried so many different thickening products and this one (these ones) have actually made a difference.

  29. Raymond Belia

    Very good shampoo and conditioner will definitely continue using and purchasing more

  30. Rui Furtado

    Excellent product

  31. Vishal Shah

    Great product and excellent customer service.
    Surely recommend trying it

  32. Scott Emblem

    Smells good, hair feels good. Strongly recommend!

  33. Ioannis Tarlas

    By far the best conditioner I have ever used!!!!

  34. Karl Weller

    Great product

  35. Sheraz Khan

    Great shampoo and conditioner. I felt like a celebrity opening the porche grey box. The conditioner leaves your scalp tingling and hair smelling fantastic.

  36. George Robinson

    On second bottle, love the product.. Smells amazing, my barber actually commented!

  37. Jade Osborne

    Absolutely love it , leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. The feeling and smell of mint is amazing !! Cheers guys

  38. Chris Iuele

    I tried this high end conditioner for the first time and can I say wow! I can tell a difference, I look forward to using this product to see how much more my hair improves.

  39. Beverley Greig

    Only started using products, so unable to assess at this point. Regards

  40. Niraj Mistry

    Been using this product for about a week and already noticing the difference. Fuller thicker hair and smell great. Fully satisfied.

  41. Tom Albano

    Quality ingredients, great fragrance and sharp packaging. Worth every penny if it works as advertised!

  42. Landon Kafentzis

    Best conditioner I’ve used to date. Will be purchasing again.

  43. Joseph Altamirano

    Today was my first day using this and I immediately noticed a difference in my hair. I hope this continues to work as well as it did today for I will be a long time subscriber if that’s the case.

  44. Jonathan Gordon

    So far so good. I’ve used the conditioner and shampoo together for a few weeks now and my hair feels soft and strong. Too early to know the long-term effects on hair loss, but feeling promising.

  45. dominic Fiveash

    Love it! Def slowed down or eliminated the loss. Maybe one day you guys will knock one up to make it grow back!

  46. Taylor Cassar

    I have always had somewhat fine hair, barber recommended Patricks to try, and I have been really impressed with the results. I have been using it for about a year, and my hair has gotten thicker and doesn’t look as thinned out. Highly recommend it for guys who are just starting to notice thinning hair.

  47. Tony Fioretti

    In all truth, I rarely leave reviews but this product is exceptional. I have tried all salon brands and nothing comes close to the quality of Patricks Stimulating & Thickening Conditioner. I first apply the shampoo which creates an awesome but gentle lather and cleans so gently with zero irritation to my normally sensitive scalp. Then the conditioner is a revelation; you get a noticeable cooling sensation with a slight tingle. The product rinses cleanly and leaves my fine hair both smoother and thicker in texture. Even my sensitive scalp loves this stuff. Plus a little goes a long way. Easily the best hair care products that I have ever used. Highly recommended.

  48. Christopher Shineberg

    The Best Thickening Conditioner I have ever used. The scent is awesome to boot. Enjoy!

  49. Neil Simister

    I like the smoky smell of vetiver and cooling feel of mint. Leaves my hair shiny and easy to manage.

  50. Daniel Chapman

    Excellent – product would highly recommend. Hair felt thicker after 1 wash

  51. Colin Gardiner

    The best thing you can do to your head.

  52. andy shannon

    The Best ever i use both SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo and the Stimulating thickening Conditioner when i used it the first time you notice a big difference fuller thicker hair makes it easy to style and the smell is Awesome it may cost a bit more but it’s ten times worth the price of what it dose for your hair
    I will definitely be buying again
    Highly Recommended i would give it ten Stars if i could the best ever
    I want to Thank you Patricks!

  53. Tim Curtis

    After trialling many other thickening shampoos and conditioners, it is safe to say that this one is by far the best I have used. It leaves your hair looking thick and doesn’t dry out your hair like other thickening products I have tried in the past. To top it off, it smells great which adds to what is an overall quality product.

  54. Kolby Krook

    Excellent product! Highly recommend

  55. Clifford Morrison

    Great fragrance

  56. Jamie Perry

    Awesome product. Smells and feels so good.

  57. Aled Lewis

    This product is amazing – best discovery ever!!

  58. Sebastian Chapman

    Seems to be having a thickening effect, great scent too!

  59. Law Helie

    I have only been using this for a week, so far so good! I can see a difference already. The shampoo smells great and has a nice lather, the conditioner I find to have a stronger smell but it does not persist too long after being rinsed. All in all happy with the purchase


    Tried a few different thicknening shampoos over the years. Spolier alert: there’s no miracle shampoo out there that’s going to reverse your hair loss, BUT, Patrick’s CD1 is about as close as you’re going to get, with a shampoo that does genuinely make your hair feel thicker to fend off some of the impact of your hair loss.

  61. Killian Coyle

    Really enjoy this product so far. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

  62. John Felise

    Been using for 3 maths now. No clear improvement noticeable.

  63. Ray Nam

    exceptionally good after and dried my hair, so smooth!

  64. Keith Chandler

    good quality shampoo and refreshing conditioner

  65. Matthew Atkinson


  66. Shakul Islam

    First impressions are good

  67. John berry

    It’s a sciencey thing yes, but for me, it’s a sensory thing. The aesthetics, the smell, the feel, the effect. Try mindfulness in the shower, using the shampoo and conditioner, focusing on the sensory stuff. Great start to the day, and great hair to boot!

  68. Mr Manoj V Parekh

    Amazing shampoo and conditioner, and definitely reccomend. My hair feels thicker, stronger, moisturised with the conditioner, and feels as if I’ve got more growth too.

  69. Lewis Butler

    Glad I bought this as I just had the shampoo and wanted to try this. It makes hair feel lovely and soft and smells amazing too. A month ago my hair was falling in handfulls when showering but after using the shampoo and conditioner about 5 or 6 weeks and now I only find a 4 or 5 strands when washing which is a massive improvement so well worth it for me. My hair has definitely improved looks thicker too. Can’t wait to try the hair styling products next.

  70. Michael Rigby

    My hair is very fine and I have tried many products to create more density. My hair is thick and still looks clean on day 3 – which has never happened before. It has a nice bounce too, super impressed. Five stars!

  71. Sameer Ganatra

    Real nice.

  72. Kelvin Shone

    Only just started using this for a couple of weeks but I seem to have less hairs in my hands after a wash so hopefully it does the trick going forwards. Could do with being sold in larger (cheaper) bottles maybe to help keep costs down and be kinder on the environment?

  73. Dale Mercer

    I am truly loving my Patricks products – both the Daily Thickening Shampoo and the Thickening Conditioner. They are quality all the way. First, the results: I can definitely notice a difference in the way my hair feels and looks, and feel very optimistic about my crown area (I had noticed a possible thinning previously). Time will tell, but it does appear as though my hair is thicker. Second, the experience: The product smells and feels rather divine, and the order/delivery process has thus far been effortless. Thanks, Patricks!

  74. Alex Green

    Hair feels great after use, long term review pending

  75. Russell Garton

    Smells good and leaves hair feeling great.

  76. Adrian Clarke

    Instant results, good fragrance and packaging.

  77. Adam Soo

    Awesome stuff really revives tames the frizziness of my hair

  78. Kieran Donelly

    Definitely makes my hair look thicker and less split ends.

  79. Dave Appleton

    Hair feels a lot healthier than it ever has and the bottle has lasted for months. Will buy again!

  80. chris rochford

    Absolutely brilliant, hair feels better than ever, and hair fall from shower is down significantly as hair is thinning progressively. Also helps that I smell wonderful if I do say so myself.

    Will be buying again for sure.

  81. Miles Clark

    Starting with 4 stars, as my time with the shampoo + conditioner continues. Hair definitely feels stronger and thicker so far and have been using it for a few weeks now, and have noticed less hair fall…. I don’t think it will give you miracles but a really good product so far.

  82. wade jones

    A great business getting their product and service A++

  83. Adam Kelly

    Genuinely great product so far. Been using the shampoo and conditioner daily and seems to be doing a great job.

  84. Marco Silva

    Was impressed with the quickness of delivery and the quality of the products.

  85. Peter Herbert

    Prompt delivery and good results. However, I have reviewed positively before and am yet to receive a discount code !

  86. Chris Rimmer

    Fantastic product.

  87. Daniel Orrell

    Such a great product. Having tried numerous thickening hair products over the years, this is the only one that has actually worked. Highly recommend!

  88. Chris Blackwell

    Expensive, but great products. I use both the shampoo and conditioner and my hair feels stronger.

  89. Yanni Mavrikis

    Tried the tester a little while ago and was super happy so finally purchased the bigger shampoo and conditioner bottles. Very happy with purchase .

  90. Henrique Squinello

    Too early to comment on the thickening/stimulating properties of this conditioner, but the fragrance is amazing, and lasts for a bit after washing my hair.

  91. Mathew Eccleston

    Was skeptical a shampoo and conditioner could do much for my thinning hair but I was pleasantly surprised with the SH1 & CD1 combo. My hair looks healthier and feels thicker. This stuff works great and will keep on using it.

  92. Ali Malik

    Hair looks fuller after a few days, the shampoo smells nice too!

  93. Sharan Reddy

    Great product

  94. Anoop Patel

    Only been using the products for over a week but daily usage. I can see when I wash my hair there is less hair falling out and hair feels nicer already. Will give it more time before making a final call.

  95. ismael emambocus

    fantastic no bull quality. when you just want to pay and get something that looks , works and feels amazing

  96. Anthony Amos

    Great product, conditions hair well, does the hob

  97. Mark Davison

    A good product in a well-designed bottle – leaves hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean

  98. Chris Bantock

    First time buyer. Was using thickening shampoo from another company previously. Thought it was doing ok until I tried Patricks. Hair feels great and will never go back.

  99. Ian Smith

    Quick arrival and really great product. Very happy.

  100. Mark Thompson

    Love this conditioner – absolutely amazing product and leaves my hair much thicker.

  101. Marco Chau

    I noticed thicker hair after a week of use. Smells incredible as well.

  102. Garry Hugen

    6 stars if I could

  103. Darren Heritage

    Great product

  104. Kyle Erickson

    So far so good! Smells great and seems to make my hair feel thicker, haven’t been using long enough to see if that proves out, but def. a good start, will likely buy again!

  105. Alan Brice

    I have only been using the product for a short time so I can’t comment on it’s ability to thicken hair. I will say that my hair looks and feels great. The packaging is fantastic and will definitely order again.

  106. Terrence Gracey

    Great product. Noticeably thicker hair

  107. Michael Panzarino

    Great product, looking forward to trying other products in the range after a positive experience with CD1.

  108. George Iskander

    So far so good, smells good too.

  109. Mark Reynolds

    Smells great, hair feels less fine and more manageable.

  110. Morgan Greenhalgh

    Honestly, at this point, I cannot declare with any conviction that my hair is thicker, fuller, or stronger. However, it doesn’t seem to be thinner, limper, or weaker, so RESULT!

    I have been experimenting with this for two months now and do appreciate the tingling effect when using it — while I cannot state definitively what it is doing, it is certainly doing something.

    Overall, my hair is pleasantly manageable and I like it enough now to subscribe. My only small quibble is the smell, I think it’s nice, but my lady isn’t the world’s biggest fan, but she puts up with it for the longer-term result of ideally my hair sticking around longer.

    If I had a different scent selection, I’d give it six stars, but without that, I’m reducing it to five.

    Would I recommend you try it? Well, if you have the budget, it’s worth an experiment. While not cheap, if nothing else, the tingling is a pleasant sensation.

  111. cameron randall

    Certainly a great product that smells and feels good, (the mint ingredient is great on the scalp after a sweaty day)!,
    I was skeptical as I am with all products in this regard. However, after two weeks use, my hair does indeed feel thicker and softer.
    No new growth as far as I can see but it does what it claims in terms of adding volume and a healthier feeling to my hair and I will continue to use.

  112. Louise Greasley

    I bought for my boyfriend who is very impressed so far. Compliments the shampoo well and the packaging is smart.

  113. Steven Ahern

    Decent conditioner, complements the shampoo. Love the smell and also the feeling after using it, leaves the hair feeling thicker and soft. Even the packaging / dispenser it comes in makes life easier so you aren’t using too much accidentally, don’t want to lose the precious.

  114. Joseph Parnis

    Great product.

  115. Karl Rosales

    Package sent to courier on time, so delivery was on time. Ordered 2 items. Items were packed nicely arrived in pristine condition except for 1 item which has some faulty issues. Contacted customer service. Concern handled well. SUPERB SERVICE!!! Currently enjoying my purchase.

  116. Scott Conners

    Amazing product that works so well through my hair and smells amazing as well

  117. Mark Summerlin

    Great stuff, Makes my hair light/full and appear thicker after first use! I’ve also noticed a little less shedding after incorporating it.

  118. Michael Naylor

    Definitely helping me, smeels good too!


    This conditioner leaves my
    Hair feeling smooth and soft. Smells fantastic too! I will definitely buy again!

  120. Darren Sibley

    Love the Shampoo and conditioner. My Hair has not looked better.

  121. Jonathan Pravin

    Had it for a week, and loving the smell.

  122. Shem Rodger

    Quality product with a fresh scent

  123. Jamie Coleman

    I enjoy using the conditioner. Makes your hair feel silky smooth and seems to add thickness. Cannot say for the latter as it’s early days but so far so good

  124. Matt Lindsay

    Very happy with how the shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel thicker from first wash when normal shampoo leaves it feeling flat for a few days.

  125. Scott Read

    So far so good. The peppermint in the conditioner is strong and feels great. My hair feels thicker and sits well with no styling products. This combination of Shampoo and conditioner feels similar to Niacin. The only difference is that Niacin makes the hair look dry. My hair looks a bit healthier now using this product.

  126. Ben Surtees

    Minty fresh and I have noticed my hair feels thicker!

  127. Mike McKinne,

    I’m a product snob. I admit it. I have spent my 40’s and early 50’s taking care of my skin and hair, and it shows.

    Patrick’s stimulating and thickening conditioner works. Period. It feels great on my scalp when I use it. I let it stay in, build to an almost palpable crescendo and rinse it out.

    Hair looks great for the rest of the day (after I finish it off with some Patrick’s product).

  128. Conrad Clarke

    A brilliant and quality product

  129. Thomas Remmerswaal

    Best hair products i have used.
    works the best when using the whole line (SH1/CD1/M1)
    Gives lots of volume and looks thicker

  130. Tonga Latu

    What a wonderful product. It leaves the hair feeling fresh and invigorated. Impressive bottle design also.

  131. John Huntington

    At 51 years old iv never been happy with my hair in one way or another until i found Patricks.I tend to have a number 4 buzz cut now,so short,but even at that length this makes my hair look great.The M2 then gives it life and for the first time im happy with my hair.Fantastic products.One less takeaway a month guys gets you a quality hair routine.No brainer.Young or old these products are the dogs b***S

  132. William Rose

    Lovely stuff

  133. Al Pappalardo

    This conditioner is amazing how it stimulates your scalp and conditions will definitely continue using

  134. Paul Patton

    Incredibly slow service once you place your order. Be prepared for a long wait. And if you have a query, they take days and days to respond (still not had a response). Perhaps the company needs to put more effort into customer service rather than blitzing you with marketing emails?

  135. Lawrence Miller

    Very well packaged and seems to be doing a good job. Excellent website service

  136. Tyrone Hogg

    Shampoo and conditioner, good cleaning for the hair and the scalp smells fantastic. Thank you very much.

  137. Christopher G.

    brilliant conditioner that makes my hair fuller and softer. the scent is incredible.

  138. Charles Fraser

    Smells good, you can feel something happening on your head. Hoping to see some results in a few months!

  139. Handre Schmidt

    Good product, everyday shower essential

  140. Michael Masino

    Its good so far, what i want to know though, is there a way the decription of ‘ways to use’ Patricks could be printed on future products, like how long to leave in your hair, etc?

  141. Jack Alcock

    Works very well and smells great.

  142. Joshua Fields

    Great product! Worth every penny!


    Highly recommend this product.
    My hair and scalp feel so much better.

  144. Jamie Keenan

    Amazing product – makes a world of difference.

  145. Lee Macdonald


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