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ND1 Natural Deodorant contains 75 ml.

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The best smelling deodorant in the world. This advanced formula rivals chemical deodorants for performance, without the nasty side effects. A true technological advancement. Featuring Niodor – a future-oriented ingredient other brands won’t use, due to the cost. Formulated without any aluminium salts, sulfates and parabens using groundbreaking green chemistry. It naturally inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria for 24 hours, keeping you fresh for longer. Also packed with sustainable Amazonian Brown Clay, Coconut Oil to keep your skin hydrated, Zinc and Tapioca Starch. Italian Bergamot and Neroli fragrance. 

And we’re not done there. We’ve also made its casing from 100% recycled materials, which are also recyclable. The outer pouch is made of carbon negative bio-plastic sourced from goddamn PLANTS. It’s vegan. Non-irritating. 100% natural based and cruelty-free.

Niodor, Sustainable Amazonian Brown Clay, Coconut Oil, Zinc, Tapioca Starch.

ND1 Natural Deodorant contains 75 ml.

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63 reviews for ND1 | NATURAL DEODORANT

  1. Josh A.

    This deodorant smells amazing. Great texture on the skin and packaging is the coolest.

  2. Jake Mormile

    Smells great without being overpowering, and performs exceptionally well, but are you really surprised coming from Patricks? New favourite deodorant!

  3. Joel Smouha

    Love everything Patricks, their new Natural Deodorant is perfect! I’d been looking for a new natural deodorant stick instead of liquid, and this is great! Amazing packaging also makes you feel super fly when using your deodorant. Love the Italian Bergamot and neroli scent.

  4. Josh Yee

    Excellent product with a great subtle scent, highly recommended!

  5. Jay Wright


  6. Corey Warrington

    Firstly, this is an amazing product that works exactly as advertised.

    It lasts as long as it says, and even the scent lasts just as long.
    It goes on feeling thick, but after a minute you barely notice anything other than the scent.
    Stays dry, havnt noticed any staining on clothes yet.

    I look forward to seeing what the future provides in the ND series.

    For now I have a few requests, as good as the current scent is, a scent free would be preferred, as someone who wears cologne, these seem to clash. Maybe call it ND0? 0 for 0 scent.

  7. Jamie Howells

    For $60 you would expect it to work well and I can confirm it works amazingly.

    Lasts on your skin forever providing basically 100% protection from sweat. Will definitely buy another when I run out.

  8. John Robertson

    Awesome product!!

  9. Benn Newling

    Finally a natural deodorant it works – “wow you smell nice” had become a constant in my days – Thank you Patrick!

  10. Eric Reid

    Very impressed with this product so far. We have been experiencing some seriously humid conditions and this deodorant is holding its own. It smells really good too.

  11. Scott Kelly

    Awesome company to deal with, quick delivery, product send great!

  12. Colin Sergay

    Excellent deodorant, smells great and lasts all day. I use it in the morning, go to work then gym and still smell good after.

  13. Russell Garton

    Very effective product

  14. Simon Ly

    Finally found a deodorant that works! It also smells really good! Will definitely buy again!

  15. Tony Fisher

    I consider myself a healthy skeptic and I must admit I was a little stunned at the price of this deodorant – I was not sure that anything could justify the price. That said I have been looking for a natural deodorant for a few years now, most don’t fulfill the basic requirement of the product and you stink the moment that you sweat, some manage to hold out a bit but the fragrance of the product is off putting – others have a neutral fragrance and do a reasonable job of eliminating body odour but I have found for me that using these products even for a short period of time leaves me with irritated skin as my pores clog.
    The ND1 is truly amazing even if I am physically active (I jog a lot) or it is very hot (I’m in Perth) it manages to keep the BO in check, it is palm oil free and it doesn’t clog my pores. Almost as a bonus it actually smells amazing too. I am definitely convinced that is product is worth the price.

  16. Tony lopes

    Surprisingly great deodorant. The scent is a little strong, but a little goes a long way. Effective and natural.

  17. Richard Oliver

    This is the first natural deodorant I have tried that actually works. I have tried many different brands now, but they’ve never quite done the trick. It has a nice fragrance, too, though I would probably prefer an unscented version, so as not to clash with any fragrance I might apply afterwards.

  18. Daniel Starr

    It works. Do your pits and missus a favour and buy a roll. You’ll never look back

  19. Marko Rukavina

    I’ve tried quite a few deodorants over the journey. This is the real deal! The fragrance is awesome without being over powering. The antiperspirant and deodorant properties are exceptional. And it lasts all day. My search is over!

  20. Mayen Takakura

    Replacing my cologne going forward – it’s that good!

  21. Brian Matchett

    It’s great but it doesn’t last long enough, I use daily and it only lasted three weeks

  22. David Rossi


  23. Gene Locascio

    I’ve tried every different natural deodorant out there. I had some luck with another brand but it still would only keep me fresh for about half the day. This somehow keeps me smelling decent from after my morning shower all the way until bedtime. So magical I had to double check that it wasn’t an anti-perspirant.

  24. Israel Juarez

    It’s always hard to write/read a review that doesn’t sound biased or solicited but all I can say is this stuff legitimately works. I’ve been testing aluminum-free deodorants for some time now (about 10+ brands) and have had good experiences with some and not so great with others but I can unequivocally say ND1 works as advertised. The scent is pleasing, not overbearing and unisex. It controls odor remarkably, even after long and sweaty workout sessions. Each application effectively lasts 24-48 hours and requires very little product compared to OTC brands (my first bottle lasted almost 3 months). My one criticism/observation is wetness control. I feel it lacks in this department and doesn’t do much in terms of blocking perspiration but that’s true for most products that are aluminum-free. I’m also not too familiar with one of its key ingredients (Niodor), and a bit skeptical about its use and safety in humans as there isn’t too much information to be found on its chemistry and long-term use but time will tell. For now, the fact that its synthesized using H2O as the only solvent gives me peace of mind. Last but not least, Patrick’s is to be commended for their stellar high-end packaging and marketing. A breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale industry that is men’s skincare.

  25. Cedric Theofanous

    Have been searching for a natural deodorant that actually works for about a decade. Found it. Thanks Patricks

  26. Andrew Fitzgerald

    Great smelling natural deodorant! First order but will certainly be ordering again!!

  27. Rayhaan Khalid

    Fantastic. I used to use Malian and Goetz but prefer the scent of this one and nd1 actually lasts until the end of the day really comfortably!

    Love it and will be getting it again when mine runs out.

  28. Leigh Whitehouse

    Prompt delivery, great product.

  29. Robert Casson

    The holy grail deodorants. Will purchase again.

  30. Callum White

    I have loved Patricks ever since trying their Face Wash, and then their skincare routine in its entirety; it completely saved skin (and confidence).

    So naturally, this deodorant is incredible. Really just smells amazing, and long lasting (this is coming from someone who enjoys the long cycle and half-marathon).

    N.B – the simplicity of their packaging is elegant AF.

  31. Eleanor Barr

    The postal service is excellent and my son in law very grateful for his birthday present. We LOVE the scent. Definitely will buy again. Son in law already has the moisturiser that he uses every day.

  32. Chad Beville

    I have tried too many including the natural stuff and so far this has worked for 4 months. Impressive.

  33. Paul Licina

    Easy to apply. Neutral scent. Very effective.

  34. Saqib Jasrai

    Smell great and last for ages, very happy with my purchase, will be returning back. Expensive, but worth it!

  35. Paul Graveling

    Great product and great smell which complements the body wash. There seems to be plenty in the stick which should last a couple of months at least.

  36. Scott Balneaves

    Seems very effective. Pleasant smell that endures throughout the day.

  37. Christopher Campbell

    Amazing – dry, and smells great. Does tug at the hairs a bit when applying, but totally worth it!

  38. Marlon Mauldin

    Love the quality of the product! Arrived on time!

  39. Harry Palmer-Brown

    I have been using natural deodorants since 2019 and I have tried absolutely loads of different products in the search for the “one”! I can honestly say that not only does this smell great, it genuinely seems to stop me from smelling no matter what. I didn’t like the fragrance that much at first but it’s really grown on me for some reason. I first tested this by going to a car track day event in the sweltering heat and at the end of the day I could still smell the fragrance without a whiff of body odour! Yes, this product is definitely expensive but provided it lasts 2-3 months (I’m currently on week 2) then I’m happy to pay the price. Can’t wait to try more products.

  40. Garrett Woods

    this deodorant lasts forever the sent even stays after I have sweat. it is a game changer! can not recommend more.

  41. troy gorgas

    Ive struggled finding a good natural deodorant and Patricks N1 is the best ive ever used

  42. Jon Moss

    Absolutely my favourite deodorant ever. An amazing smell and it simply works!

    About to re-order now 🙂

  43. Hugh Llewellyn-Jones

    Fantastic natural deodorant! I’ve tried loads of natural brands claiming to be as effective as chemical and aluminium filled products. Nothing worked until I tried Patricks. Definitely more on the pricey side, but worth every cent. I will only use Patricks from now on.

  44. Mr. Michael Vale

    Great product, works really well and the smell lasts all day, also no irritation at all which I got with other brands.

  45. Suchay Yalamanchi

    Best deodorant I have ever used.

  46. Dale Cooke

    Great scent. Really pleased with the quality of ND1. Lasts a long time and works amazingly well.

  47. Scott Balneaves

    Quite simply smells great and lasts all day. I had assumed that the price would make this a one-off experiment but have now purchased a 2nd time and am likely to continue to do so.

  48. Chaitanya Attivilli

    Awesome the best deodorant out there! By far.

  49. Greg Hinzmann

    My new go to deodorant.

  50. Lonny

    Yeah It’s for girls too and it works – it works REAL nice.

  51. Matthew Shanahan

    Great product – works better than anything else out there

  52. Jon Moss

    So so good. It works brilliantly and my goodness, the scent is superb. The kind of product I will be buying again and again!

  53. Ashley Parker

    Brilliant product.

  54. Samuel Wiggett

    Great product the only aluminium free one, i’ve used that works !

  55. Greg

    Hands down the best aluminum free deodorant I’ve used. Best scent, too.

  56. Guy Warburton

    Great fragrance that lasts all day, will be my go to deodorant from now on and will be trying other products in the Patricks range.

  57. Greg Kapodistrias

    This deodorant is some really good stuff! It smells identical to the cd plus conditioner which is a premium product I use too. As it’s a dryish roll on stick , it can pull a bit on underarm hairs but it does its job and works as intended. Will buy again when required. As with the majority of items sold via Patricks, this is definitely one for the daily arsenal that is a winner!

  58. Marco Chau

    Amazing scent and very effective in controlling sweat

  59. David Capper

    The only natural deodorant I have found that genuinely works. I have tried so many which never lived up to expectations / or contained baking soda which irritated my skin. I can honestly say this is the best deodrant I have used (including the non natural ones), so am very please to have found it!

  60. Casper Jul

    Great product and great smell

  61. Brett Parisi

    I’ve used Native (which is ok) but did not last. This lasts and by far smells superior. Love the smell of it and I have zero irritation.

  62. Paul Tasker

    Amazing product, I have tried many different deodorants and this is by far the best. Expensive but worth it

  63. Gordon Arbinja

    This product is absolutely remarkable. Literally lasts all day. Highly recommended.

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