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Revitalize your skin with the transformative power of Patricks FS1 Face Scrub. This luxurious scrub is a symphony of nature’s finest exfoliants, blending crushed diamond and volcanic sand micro particles to redefine skin rejuvenation. Its dual-action formula not only removes dead skin and unclogs pores but also combats ingrown hairs, leaving your skin impeccably clean and smooth.

The FS1 goes beyond mere exfoliation; it’s an advanced epidermal treatment enriched with AHA, anti-aging peptides, and multivitamins. These potent ingredients work in harmony to diminish the signs of aging and nourish your skin at a deeper level. Regular use reveals a clearer, smoother complexion, charged with vitality.

Crafted for all skin types, this scrub is ideal for anyone seeking an effective yet gentle solution to skin imperfections. Its cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free formulation ensures a skin-friendly experience, making it a responsible choice for conscious consumers.

Elevate your skincare regimen with this 75 ml bottle of Patricks FS1 – a testament to modern skincare innovation, promising not just clean skin, but a radiant, youthful glow.

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A powerful face scrub that combines an innovative blend of crushed diamond and volcanic sand micro particles, as well as AHA to de-flake, reduce ingrown hairs, eliminate dead skin cells and thoroughly clean pores. Packed with anti-aging peptides, multivitamins and anti-irritants for an advanced epidermal treatment that leaves skin smoother, clearer and nourished.

Best Suited to: All skin types. See Directions for usage based on skin type.

Cruelty, Sulfate, Paraben and Phthalate Free. Vegan Friendly. Made in USA.

FS1 Face Scrub contains 75 ml.

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  1. Nixon Gill

    This is hands down the best face scrub I’ve ever used. I was using AESOP’s version but found it was too course to use everyday. But the FS1 is fine enough that I can use it daily. Combined with FW1 my skin care routine is now set.

  2. Bill A.

    This is the first time I have started using a face scrub and my skin feels really good.

  3. Benji

    Not only does this product make my face feel amazing but it also looks amazing.
    I dont often leave reviews, I guess I have never had an urge to until now. Gotta Try it !

  4. Doyle Pi

    I was initial sceptical about purchasing the scrub due to the cost, but guess you never know until you tried it right? I’m glad I did. I must say I really enjoy the scrub as it delivers the function as a scrub, and unlike most scrubs, the particles do not just disintegrate with water, providing a really good exfoliant. I will most definitely be purchasing it again in the near future. The only improvement I hope that Patrick can take into consideration is perhaps the packaging: to something either much more solid allowing easier dispensing of product.

  5. Matt Smith

    Fantastic product. Makes my skin feel like that of a new born baby.

  6. craig jeffery

    Truely great product never used a scrub quite like this. Minimal use of product to wash your face and neck so really good bang for your buck

  7. Jon Birch

    I’ve purchased this multiple times now and use it almost every day. Used before shaving it really exfoliates the skin and produces a lot less razor burn than other cleaners. It’s lovely stuff!

  8. Daniel McGiveron

    Absolutely love this face scrub, leaves my face feeling really clean and fresh, plus the smell is amazing. Highly recommend this along with the foam cleanser.

  9. Todd O’Reilly

    Really nice texture, not to abrasive. Not to gentle. In other words, this smacks.

  10. Sammie Wigg

    Leaves my face feeling smooth and refreshed. So good!

  11. Jeremy Yea

    skin felt better

  12. G Dugal

    Worst customer service

  13. Marc Kershaw

    This product is crazy good! When you apply it to your skin you can feel it scrubbing and lifting the impurities. I use it before I shower so it stays on for a few minutes. When I wash it off the skin is soft and smooth. Great stuff. A product that does what it says on the packaging.

  14. Mukunda Singhal

    Love using this scrub on my face! Well worth it!

  15. Luis Camacho

    After using the FS1 | CRUSHED DIAMOND FACE SCRUB 2.5 OZ, I found it to be an exceptional product that effectively smoothed out my skin’s texture while also providing a delightful scent! I am highly impressed with its performance and am eager to explore more of your top-tier offerings!

  16. Gareth John

    This face scrub is very effective leaving you skin feeling clean afterwards but not overly dry. It smells great too! For skin and haircare I could not recommend Patricks enough – extremely good products!

  17. Glen Debreceny

    Love the actual face scrub however the tube is still an issue while the ‘cracking’ issue has been fixed it is still difficult to get the remaining scrub out of the tube when nearing the end. And who needs difficult first thing in the morning??

  18. Cory Dickson

    I have not had very long but enjoying the product and works great to use before shaving. I joked with my wife that I was scrubbing my face with diamonds so she thought it would be great that she scrubbed her neck with A diamond. It goes without saying that her diamond cost a little more than mine.

  19. Joseph Ortega

    It is definitely high end and you can feel it work. I highly recommend this FS1 face Scrub.

  20. Matthew Schwarz

    Works great and feels nice on my skin, smells nice as well. Highly recommend and will be buying again

  21. Ben McLean

    Does what it says it will. Will buy again

  22. Laurens de Vos

    Does what it has to do, great! Bought several times already

  23. Jake Mormile

    Perfect pre-shave to help prevent in-growns – as with everything Patricks it’s top notch stuff. Leaves my face feeling amazing. Plus you know. F^cking diamonds.

  24. John Panto

    This is by far the best face scrub I have ever used as it removes all impurities leaving my skin looking very fresh and smooth.

  25. Josh Yee

    One of the best face exfoliators on the market!

  26. Tony Perez

    Leaves face extremely soft and clean.

  27. Kate McGregor

    The best face scrub on the planet!

  28. David Sykes

    Probably the best face scrub I have ever used. Doesn’t feel rough on your skin because the particles are very small. Skin feels clean and refreshed after using and I will definitely continue to use this product.

  29. Cameron Dunn

    Great face scrub

  30. Shannon Geikie

    Absolutely amazing product gives the skin an amazing feel

  31. Michael W.

    This scrub has anything you could ever want from an exfoliate

  32. Jason

    Can’t without this in my facial products. The scrub is super gentle, good for acne as well, skin keep clean, soft and cool after use. My face has never been this smooth…Highly Recommend!

  33. Craig Minshull

    Been looking at this product for a while and very happy with the purchase , will be buying again

  34. Russell Garton

    Skin feels cleansed.

  35. John berry

    Don’t waste time reading the review – just buy it. Thank me later.

  36. Ben A.

    This face scrub is the best I have ever used, makes my skin feel really soft and look smooth. Texture is great. I use it before shaving twice a week. With the price tag you would hope that’s the case! In my opinion if you care about your skin you’l be willing to spend the money, not to mention this will last a very long time, I must have had mine for months now.

  37. Michael

    Love this product but bad packaging and over priced made me not repurchase. Should be in a jar for better distribution and less waste. Not worth the price tag should be atleast half the price.

  38. Beverly Ruth Andrew

    FS1 is a refreshing, excellent product;
    The face scrub does it job efficiently while being gentle on the skin, with a bonus luxuriously invigorating scent;
    One of the best product one can use to prep the skin (accordingly to respective individual schedules of using the scrub) prior to pampering the skin with some proper hydration/moisturising

    Absolutely fabulous, very much recommended

  39. Ivan S.


  40. Mitchell Gawthorn

    Great product

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