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Transform your skincare routine with Patricks FW1 Cell Regenerating Foaming Cleanser. This premium facial cleanser not only deeply purifies your skin but also preserves its natural hydration. Experience the immediate matte effect of our unique Backhousia Citriodora Leaf complex, while our special blend of Prickly Pear, Green Tea, and Dragocalm nurtures and defends your skin at the cellular level. Rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, it calms irritation and reduces redness, making it perfect for all skin types. Embrace this sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free luxury, crafted in the USA, to reveal a refreshed and revitalized complexion.

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The Patricks FW1 Cell Regenerating Foaming Cleanser is a luxurious facial cleanser designed to deeply cleanse the skin while maintaining its natural moisture balance. This product features a unique mattifying complex derived from Backhousia Citriodora Leaf, which effectively reduces skin shine. Additionally, it contains a blend of Actiphyte of Prickly Pear, Green Tea, and Dragocalm, which work together to promote epidermal regeneration and protect skin cells from free radical damage. Flavonoids and polyphenols in the formula soothe skin irritations and diminish redness and itchiness.

The cleanser is suitable for all skin types and is free from cruelty, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. It’s also vegan-friendly and made in the USA. The product is available in a 100 ml package, and the recommended usage is to massage 1 to 2 pumps into the face and neck in a circular motion before rinsing

FW1 Face Wash contains 100 ml.


  1. David Smouha

    The face wash is great!
    I always wash with FW1 before I moisturise.
    (I use the AM1 Anti Aging Moisturiser)
    It never strips the natural ph of my skin, yet gives a deep cleanse, giving a fresh clean feel.
    Great product I recommend confidently!

  2. Aaron Shepley

    Great for cleansing and double as shave cream.

  3. Jo-Anne Wooden

    Pleasurable light yet efficient cleaning face wash foam, that rinses away effortlessly.

    Amazing product!

  4. Karl Zahn

    Smells good. Leaves skin clean. Feels like a good quality product.

  5. Jonathon Griffiths-lacey

    Amazing! Can’t see myself using anything else

  6. Ben A.

    The perfect foaming cleanser – foams up really nicely & cleans effectively without drying out my skin. It’s lasted a lot longer than I thought it would as well so for the quality I’d say it’s good value for money. Can’t fault it.

  7. Paul N.

    The products from Patricks are top class, the quality of the product has enhanced my grooming routine and improved my face and hair. I cant find anything else on the market as good. Keep up the good work team Patrick.

    Deodorant and Toothpaste next to get a full house!

  8. Daniel Starr

    Excellent product

  9. gary payne

    Great face wash, face feels clean but not tight after using. Noticed the difference to my skin after using for 2 weeks.

  10. Mason Feehan

    Great wash a quick shipping – always a plus.

  11. craig jeffery

    Really exceptional product I’ve tried all the big brands and this is by far the best one out there continuing to kick goals with each new product released

  12. Tony Perez

    Leaves face feeling silky smooth.

  13. Grant Schudy

    I’ve been using this for less than a week and can already see results. The mattifying complex works great.

  14. James Mann

    I love the ease of use of this product and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. Also, I love the design of the bottle; a quality product through and through. Patricks never disappoints! Thumbs way up!

  15. Antonio Antonelli

    Best face wash for oily face.

  16. Reif Bikaunieks

    Great product. A bit pricey but leaves skin healthy and refreshed. I have used a million other men’s face washes and this one is fantastic.

  17. Eric OBrien

    This product is money. Leaves your face feeling clean and soft. High recommend!

  18. Galen Perry

    Great product. A bit pricey but leaves skin healthy and refreshed. I have used a million other men’s face washes and this one is fantastic.

  19. Mo Saab

    High quality product that lives up to the price !

  20. Simon Cooper

    Great on skin non drying

  21. Al Pappalardo

    Only used this face wash twice sine I just recently received the wash. But so far it has has to be one of the best washes that I have used. Does not dry face out but thoroughly cleanses. Will definitely continue to use

  22. Chris Phillips

    I figured the body wash – face wash combo was good enough for my face. I was wrong. The FW1 face wash will forever be a part of my routine now – incredible product!

  23. David Sykes

    Great product for calming my skin. Will continue to use.

  24. Josh F.

    My skin feels really good after using this Facewash. Never used a product like it.

  25. Joshua Dixon

    I love this face wash

  26. max kerr

    Does not strip the face and feels great especially before a shave

  27. Khurram Malik

    Leaves my skin clean!!! My complexion even!!! I would recommend the cleanser to any man.

  28. Rhett Jackson

    My skin feels so clean and smooth after it , I will never look at using another cleanser again. Worth every $.

  29. Mike Velt

    Great product- works as advertised and smells great.

  30. Kevin Meads

    You will love it, a little goes a long way

  31. Michael Carroll

    Great product, 5 stars

  32. Justin Dundas-Smith

    Sorry guys, I have to be honest here even if it means that I have to forgo the 15% for a positive review.

    The face wash has two issues for me:
    * The perfume is overpowering. Remember, we’re putting this near our nose. I actually would prefer unscented. If you’re going to add scent, then keep it gentle!
    * The nozzle blocked after the first use and I just can’t unblock it. It takes serious force on the pump for a slow, slimey goop to ooze out of it.

    Otherwise, it doesn’t seem too bad – hence, not a 1-star. But it’s not something I would buy again. Hope you take this as feedback, rather than a ‘Karen’ complaining about nothing.

  33. Michael W.

    A truly great product that cleans well and makes the face feel really smooth. It’s especially great when used with FS1

  34. Bill Giannoukos

    This is by far the best face wash I have used. Cleanses and clears my face and have a awesome fragrance. My new go to face wash.

  35. Greg Wang

    Love it

  36. Anthony King

    I think Patrick might be a wizard.

  37. Matt

    What a fantastic cleanser!
    Im convinced my skin was never actually clean until I used this product. I’ve been using it twice a day and I started noticed results in a week. Never has my face felt so clean, refreshed and soft!

  38. John Panto

    FW1 is by far the BEST face wash I have ever used. My whole life I have suffered from very oily skin and when I have used competitor products they seems to strip away everything leaving my face a little rough and the oily skin seems to return quite quickly. Whereas FW1 is the complete opposite in a very satisfying way as it cleans my face by removing oil build up and leaving it feeling so soft, smooth and did I mention younger. Keep up the great work Patrick … I look forward to new products being released. e.g. deodorant

  39. yifan xu

    Awesome product

  40. Aaron Beckman

    Super light and foamy. Leave my face feeling cleansed and well moisturised. Top product.

  41. Usman Sheikh

    Been a customer for over 2 years and use this everyday!

  42. Pat D.

    I absolutely love the smell of this. It’s so fresh and cleans my face really well. I have very oily skin and it stops it being so shiny.
    Good one guys. Another great product.

  43. Isaiah Green

    AMAZING!!! Best I’ve used, ever. My quest to find the best face wash is over.

  44. Anonymous

    Amazing product, leaves my face feeling so clean!

  45. Jeremey O’Hara

    Sorry to say that my skin has reacted badly to it. Only after I received the product & started using it that I read the ingredients & realised there is Sunflower Seed Oil in the recipe. A comprehensive allergy test years ago showed that I’m chronically allergic to Sunflower Seed Oil & was advised to avoid it in all circumstances. Not to worry – it was worth a try

  46. Javier Guzman

    Comes out foamy and feels great on the skin. So far, really enjoy it. I use the scrub as well and my skin looks great.

  47. Omar Saleem

    Brilliant product, as all Patricks are. Smooth skin, smells great. You really do get what you pay for.

  48. Brian Cabrera

    The smell is incredible. The cleanser is so gentle and never irritates my skin. My skin looks amazing and I get many compliments. I fully recommend this to anyone!

  49. Damien Nugent

    The cleanser is the business – I’ve been noticing a bit of improvement already and I’ve only been using it for a few days.

  50. Tristan K.

    FW1 FACE WASH CELL REGENERATING FOAMING CLEANSER is the best face wash on the market – EVER…! I have tried so many face washes over the years all claiming to be the best but this truly beats them all hand’s down… Last absolutely ages and feels so amazing on your skin… 6* if 6*s exist’s

  51. Will Wardle

    Been using it for a week and starting to see some results. Skin less blotchy and more radiant.

  52. Russell Garton

    Great product

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