Patricks M1 Matte Finish Light Hold Thickening Paste is designed for men with thin or thinning hair. This paste not only adds texture and a matte finish but also works to thicken hair. Its formula is infused with advanced actives to boost hair growth and reduce hair loss. The product contains 75 ml and is crafted with Patricks Recovery Compound, promoting hair and scalp health. Made in the USA, M1 is cruelty, sulfate, and phthalate-free.

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A matte finish, light hold styling product perfect for men with thin or thinning hair. The featherweight formula instantly swells the hair shaft without weighing it down and goes in smooth to avoid forced hair fall. Finished with Cologne De Vetiver.

Contains Patricks Recovery Compound which combines both plant-based and scientifically engineered ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy. The synergistic actions of these ingredients directly address hair loss while promoting growth and improving scalp and hair health.

Best suited to: Men with thin or thinning hair. Also great as a pre-styler to add texture. Short to medium length hair.

Cruelty, Sulfate and Phthalate Free. Made in the USA.


  1. Arafat Hossain

    I came across this product by chance at a loft in NYC in brand new condition unopened left by the previous tenant. I tried it and hands down was the best hair product I ever tried. My barber even commented how my hair is thicker. Thanks. You have a life long customer now!

  2. Armin

    Very happy customer. I will definitely be ordering more in the future, possibly try the shampoo and conditioners.

  3. Matt Ferragamo

    Does what it says it will in terms of providing a light, matte hold but certainly doesn’t make hair appear any thicker. No real difference between this & the much cheaper alternatives.

  4. Benji

    Title says it all…. this brand is number 1.

  5. Mason Feehan

    This product is awesome for long hair. I use it a number of ways but reckon the easiest is using it in wet hair straight after washing your hair in the shower. Let your hair dry out and it’ll be manageable as a result. If you’re up to it, get a blow dryer involved and it’ll look even better.

  6. Clay Golledge

    This is just the best. Lasts all day and looks terrific. Also thickens my hair too.

  7. campbell harris

    Best hair product

  8. Matthew W.

    This product is pure luxury for my hair. Whether using it as a pre-styler to set my hair up for styling with M2 or M3, or using M1 alone for a softer look, it thickens my hair and gives it a texture like silky cashmere. I’ve found nothing else like it. It’s really incredible.

  9. Mikkel

    Dear Patrick

    Thank you for making such amazing products.

    Speaking of which, when do you expect that the M1 will be back in stock? Hopefully soon, as it is a vital part of my daily routine. 🙂

    Br. Mikkel

  10. Paul Gilligan

    Quality product.

  11. Josh Lee

    Versatile product, good for fine hair. Arrived well within time!

  12. Hualison Ribas

    Nice product would buy again.

  13. Elvis Jafer

    Best hair paste hands down!

  14. Jeff Delcher

    Smells great. Feels light. Weaker hold than other products, which is good when my hair is long. Trying M2 with shorter hair next.

  15. Shane Bahng

    I’ve tried a lot of different hair products over the years and found that this one is perfect for my hair. It provides the perfect amount of hold while leaving my hair flexible and manageable without any residue. The scent is amazing as well.

  16. Christian Cortes

    I have tried so many brands hoping to find a pomade that will not feel oily, hold my hair but not weight it down. I have a lot of hair volume but its really fine and straight. It just weighted down by all products except for this one! I works perfectly and lasts long!

  17. Riti Karnad

    Best I’ve used!

  18. Tariq Ali

    Most definitely one of the best hair products I have ever used.

  19. Beverly Ruth Andrew

    Warm greetings to the lovely team at Patrick’s;

    Before sharing my experience with M1, I’d like to share some thank you and love with the team for always making sure that my purchasing experience is a pleasure;

    M1 caught my eye when I was cruising for additional options of prestyling products; I currently use solution based prestyling products, and another option includes other styling pastes from other reputable brands which function well as both protective prestyler and offering firm hold;

    M1 is most definitely recommended for those looking to use this paste in a versatile manner, where we can utilise this fabulous product to prep and protect clean hair and then, styling it, all with the same product.
    M1 offers a great scent which sits soothingly close to the hair, without interfering with fragrances/parfums used on skin.

    I have soft, fine and plenty of hair. M1 blends well into this, and I style the side part with the Dyson while gently combing through with my fingers. Then, using a touch more of stronghold paste, to complete the style (including M3, but depends on the occasion and mood)

    Very happy with the product and its performance, as well as the fragrance notes (top notch);

    The product itself is very well made, easily fits into my dope kit and briefcase for both work and travel. On that note, I have a request/suggestion to the lovely team at Patrick’s; It would be also great to have ‘travel size’ styling products, say something that’s of same shape, except can be a wee bit more travel friendly size, much like the brilliant shampoos (on flights especially);

  20. Antony Straubhaar

    Very effective. This paste works well at holding thinning hair without weighing it down and provides enough flexibility to reshape throughout the day to correct the movements that inevitably happen when windy. The smell is nice and the texture is slightly sticky but not greasy.

  21. Josh McLatchie

    Was using the M2 for a long time purely for the scent. M1 isn’t as harsh on my thining hair.

  22. Roberto D’Angelo

    One of the best styling products I have used. Leaves hair in great condition and washes out easily.

  23. Izak Hayda

    Best product I have ever used. Well worth the $

  24. Bailey B.

    This product goes in like a hot knife through butter and I would say it has more of a medium than a light hold for my hair specifically. Smells great as all the products in the line do as well!

  25. David Howden

    I am in love with this hair product !!!! It makes my hair looks thicker and cute ?

  26. David Sykes

    I will definitely continue to use the M1 hair paste. I have tried quite a few different brands of hair paste and wasn’t impressed by any of them. The M1 does the job and my hair still looks and feels good at the end of the day.

  27. Tyson Bloomfield

    Awesome smell, and one of the best feeling styling products I have used. Highly recommend

  28. Mark Southworth


    Smells amazing
    Works well for me as a single product
    Gives excellent hold, texture and volume to fine hair without being heavy or greasy



  30. Zachary Griffiths

    Product has a nice smell and works well on my hair. Nothing to complain about/

  31. Rob Nolan

    I have thinning hair, and this holds perfectly. Smells fantastic to boot!

  32. Max Robertson

    Great product – easy to apply, provides a light hold all day long and smells great.

  33. Craig Lamont

    Perfect product for my hair, definitely helps with a thicker look along with a decent hold compared to other brands.

  34. Jordan Cox

    Amazing product

  35. Oliver Du Puy


  36. Peter McPhillips

    Simply the best. Better than all the rest.

  37. Jason Molitor

    Perfect for fine hair!

  38. ken watson

    I find the product excellent on my thinning hair as I get older I need every bit of help I can get and the matte finish really helps

  39. Roberto Emanuele

    Makes hair greasy and stringy

  40. Kieran Donelly

    Excellent for thin hair

  41. Nihar Vasa

    So good! Never buying any other hair product again

  42. Michael Dilley

    Great paste that makes those thin bits look thicker! And it smells good too…

  43. Bandar Alneaim

    As expected high quality

  44. James Donnelly

    Worth the price, does exactly what it promises

  45. Liam McKeown

    Smells great. Very lightweight and easy to move through the hair. Will buy again.

  46. Htet Aung Kyaw

    First time using Patrick M1. I have to say it is an amazing product. It will be my go-to product from now on.

  47. David Murnane

    This is greasy. Not matte. The paste is overpriced and not what it claims to be. Total greasy product. They also offer 15 percent off for a positive review only.

  48. Edward Coleman

    Holds my hair perfectly in position all day. And added bonus it smells great

  49. Bryan Castellanos

    Enjoying new matte finish! I can see the difference from other products.

  50. Mike Velt

    Great product- smells fantastic.

  51. George P Darroch

    It’s good. The only hair product I use (other than shampoo). I would like if you had something a bit lighter with less thickness?

  52. Brennan McGuigan

    Even though it says light hold, it is able to hold my short hair all day. If it does get out of line due to wind or whatever, I just wet my fingers and run back through to restyle. Transitioned from Oribe to Patricks and couldn’t be happier. Well worth the extra money.

  53. Stuart Whiteway

    Was ok! Not spectacular for the price

  54. John Huntington

    I use the the shampoo and conditioner and M2,all fantastic.However i have thinning hair (im 51) and i usually have a no3 buzz cut.I find down to that length M1 works superb.It gives that short hair extra thickness and best where i have fine hairs in the temples it thickens them so they dont look different.Once my hair grows slighly longer i use a small amount of M1,then some M2 and again fantastic.I love M1 and M2,the best hair products iv ever use by a long way,but i think Patricks should highlight just how great this is even on no 2,3 or 4 buzz cuts.I feel confident in my hair using this,even though its balding because this makes you look the best you can with what you have,thats always great to aim for i think.

  55. Andrew Freegard

    Beautiful smell , lovely light hold and cool packaging

  56. Nathan Hudson


  57. Michael Stephen

    M-1 Matte Finish is just wanted I was looking for.
    Light hold product, doesn’t leave hair grease looking just the right amount of hold.

  58. Alexander Round

    Love the M1 hair product, been using this for over a year now. Great texture and scent, is a light hold as stated but works perfectly!

  59. Ridhi Bakshi

    Great product, fast and reliable delivery. Struggled to find this product for my husband as he originally bought it from Dubai – was happy to find it and also happy with the price.

  60. Stuart Thompson

    M1 was just what I wanted, light hold. Fast delivery and great packaging

  61. Seth Rosen

    Been using Patricks for years. I love all of their hair products!

  62. Warren Ciolek

    Bought the Matte finish and was very impressed, usual great packaging and pliable and non greasy

  63. Tony Dymock

    Product wasn’t for me. It made my hair look thinner and was quite greasy. Ended up returning it which was a simple process.

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