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Patricks M2 Matte Finish Medium Hold Styling Product is an ideal choice for men with normal to thick hair. This product offers a matte finish and medium hold, making it versatile for creating various hairstyles such as quiffs, pompadours, or messier, shorter looks. It’s also suitable for achieving wavy styles. The product contains 75 ml and is crafted with Patricks Recovery Compound, promoting hair and scalp health. Made in the USA, M1 is cruelty, sulfate, and phthalate-free.

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Our best-selling and most awarded product. M2 is a matte finish, medium hold styling product that is the perfect all-rounder. Its medium hold will help you easily create on-trend hairstyles such as a quiff, pompadour, or messy shorter looks with a natural finish, or can be crunched into hair to create wave. Its re-moldability allows you to re-style it as you need to throughout the day. Finished with Cologne De Bergamot.

Contains Patricks Recovery Compound which combines both plant-based and scientifically engineered ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy. The synergistic actions of these ingredients directly address hair loss while promoting growth and improving scalp and hair health.

Best suited to: Normal to thick hair seeking a more natural finish to their hairstyling. Also great for achieving wavey looks. Short to medium length hair.

Cruelty, Sulfate and Phthalate Free. Made in the USA.


  1. Kelly

    I purchased this hair product as a Fathers Day gift for my husband and it was the best choice. Not only did it come in the coolest packaging, but it also smells amazing. My husband said it was the best hair product he has ever used.

  2. Madmadge54

    Love itttt! Best I ever had. 🙂

  3. Sunil Parmar

    If you’re finally looking for a product that day in, day out will produce consistently good styles time and again, then hands down this is it. Jumped around different products over the years and this felt like it was made just for me! Packaging makes this easy to travel around with and the scent is amazing!

  4. Andy Ang

    My wife recently surprised me with your hair products because I have been looking high and low, everywhere for a reliable pomade. I have to say your M2 pomade rocks. So far it is the best I have ever used. I love the texture, the scent and the application on my hair.

  5. Simon Cureton

    Since its initial release M2 quickly became a staple for the boys in our household. Quite simply it is THE best performing and coolest hair styling product for men on the market. I can’t get enough of it and now my sons won’t touch anything else!

  6. Oliver

    M2 is fantastic in my opinion. Easily workable, a fine scent and I especially like the fact that you can rework the hair anytime without significant loss of hold.

  7. Alex Collares

    It is the highest quality hair product I have ever come across. You’ve got a life long customer here.

  8. Leonardo

    When you open it, it smells so good. The packaging looks upscale and luxury. A small amount holds firm all day, but it’s the mate finish that wins it for me. The mate finish look has defied expectations.

  9. Rav Naiker

    Love the product. The smell alone is just incredible.

  10. Kiran Bhana

    Website and delivery went seamlessly. Fantastic quality product. Will order again !

  11. Clifford Morrison

    Easy to handle and apply

  12. Andrew Schofield

    Have tried them all. Nothing compares to Patrick’s Products.

  13. Matthew Williams


  14. Hari Adya

    For once a hair wax that doesnt really make mu scalp itchy. Great product and fragrance.

  15. Joey George

    Product: Have used many other products and this is by far the best. Amazing fragrance, great feel, applies and washes off easy.
    Delivery & customer service: Delivery has been on time and the one time I had an issue, customer service was onto it in minutes.
    Price: Personally, I’d like if there were more promotions available from time to time. I understand the premium price tag for premium product so happy to pay full price when I have to buy but I’d gladly stock up if there were good promotions. Maybe there are and I haven’t heard of them.

    Extra: love the marketing emails and these don’t go to junk. They are very few and far apart (I don’t get bombarded every month) and like the product, high quality content that I actually read and refer to later.

    Overall, I’m happy that I’m supporting an Aussie business and each time I buy Patricks, I’m doing my part to uphold the Australian dream.

  16. Oli Smith

    Tried the M3 & M2. M2 is my favourite. Great product. Great brand. Lasts for months and quality product.

  17. Cameron James

    Fantastic product & service!

  18. Jason Henchman

    Does what it’s meant to do and smells great. Can’t say more than that!

  19. Sean Flynn

    Great product. Used several of the main brands previously and very happy with this one. I have very fine thinning hair and it holds it position and reasonably full all day.

  20. Alex Ouwens


  21. Jahaan Rowdah

    The best hair product on the market

  22. Brice Pennicott

    Good product! Repeat buyer.

  23. Peter McPhillips

    Best stuff there is!

  24. Adrian MacKenzie

    Most excellent stuff. Holds hair perfectly and smells great.

  25. craig jeffery

    This stuff smells great lasts ages and holds all day easily
    Best product I’ve ever used already got a few of the boys onto it everyone loves it

  26. Marshall Hoang

    Good, luxury product

  27. Bailey B.

    M2 is was the first product I bought from Patricks about 2 years ago and I absolutely loved it. It lasted for so long even with near everyday use, and always left my hair feeling strong and nourished. It can feel a bit sticky when applying but that goes away very quickly after a couple minutes! I have since recently purchased an S2 as well as SH1 and CD1 and have been loving them so far as well, and I plan on buying an M3 after they run out!

  28. Corey K.

    I’ve been using this for years. It’s my absolute favorite thing to use and it smells really good too. It’s my goto and quite honestly I’ll never use anything else!

  29. Michael Johnson

    Perfect amount of hold. Great scent.

  30. Steven H.

    Excellent product and excellent customer service!
    Been using Patricks range for quite awhile now and the products are top draw!
    Highly recommend you get some!

  31. Ryan F.

    Perfect for my thick hair type, styles easily and hair stays in place but if I want to move it around, theres no trouble in doing so. Smells great too.

  32. Christopher G.

    The M2 Matte Styling Product from Patricks is exceptional. The product is goes in easily and allows you to rework your hair all day. I normally have short hair and it does the trick. Thick hair no problem. And, unlike all other hair products I have ever used it actually makes your hair softer and it washes out so easily. No sticky residue left over from the day before. The scent is perfection. It’s worth every penny. If you care about the products you put on your hair and on your skin then do yourself a favor and start using the best.

  33. Satoshi Payne

    I’ve used Patricks for a few years now. A high quality product that lasts a long time, easy to carry around and has a nice smell. Keep up the good work!

  34. Josh Yee

    Excellent product, work well with medium to long hair length, will definitely purchase again!

  35. Chris Williams

    Excellent product, my go to product all around.

  36. Andrew Steinberg

    I’ve been using this for a few years. Smells great. Looks natural. Not greasy. Highly recommend.

  37. Russell Garton

    Natural look and feel to your hair.

  38. Damien Crisp

    Great product, not greasy, excellent hold.

  39. Taylan Ismail

    Great all round matte finish. Provide that nice natural look. Easy to wash out of hands and hair. Quick and efficient delivery. Will certainly buy again!

  40. Kenneth Toh

    I’m very particular when it comes to hair styling products, and the M2 is by far the best all-season product – even in hot, humid climates. Re-workable, non-greasy, washes off easily and smells great.

  41. Adam Ott

    Amazing how much healthier your hair feels when you combine with other Patricks products.

  42. Marc Dudok

    Might be pricey, but it is worth every cent. A little goes along way.

  43. Tim Young

    Great matte hair product. Non-greasy and smells amazing!

  44. Eamon McIvor

    Great product and service 10/10

  45. Sean Soole

    Absolutely love the M2 Styling product. The feel, how it holds and the fragrance are all incredible. I’ve been using it for 4 years straight and highly recommend it.

  46. Daniel Hargreaves

    Awesome product. I apply to damp hair after washing and my hair is shinier, darker and it has reasonable hold. Go for the m3 if you will be out in the wind a lot. The texture is great and the smell is amazing. Definitely my go to wax going forward

  47. Philip Sharpe

    Fantastic stuff. Use it for the day to day. Perfect. Smells amazing too. Highly recommend.

  48. Chris Charles

    Great for shorter hair with natural look

  49. Izak Hayda

    Best product I have ever used!!!

  50. Jon Moss

    Without question, the best styling product I’ve used (and I’ve tried a lot). Smells terrific, works brilliantly and beautifully packaged. Something I can see myself using as long as my hair holds out! 🙂

  51. Saiq Latif

    Quick delivery, great product, smells amazing and not greasy and very easy to apply to your hair! Definitely going to buy again.

  52. Paul Bilek

    Absolutely love the smell of M2!
    Hold is great and the finish is perfect. A little goes a long way as well.

  53. Joe Farrell

    Great product. Makes your hair defined and matte and not at all greasy. Premium quality

  54. Chris Young

    Very happy with all the products! Great stuff

  55. Boyd Ison

    Great product for a bit of hold and texture. Doesn’t weigh the hair down or become oily. I have medium-length hair and this product is perfect for styling as it’s easy to rework throughout the day if needed.

  56. Sam Palmen

    Order came quickly and the product is great

  57. William Groome

    Love the smell of the product, although you do need to apply quite a lot to make your hair hold.

  58. Ben Day

    Great hold. Hair feels great.

  59. John Huntington

    Short version.Best hair product iv ever bought,by far,and im 50.Longer version.Iv never quite found the right product for my hair,ever.Confident in all other ways,but my hair just lacked something.Roll forward to thinning in my 40s so i had to really consider things.Fin,Min etc,changed to quality natural shampoo,conditioner etc and went to a 3 buzz cut.Apart from the thinning that is improving now greatly i loved the style.However i wanted a little bit of lift and a slight drag forward as it really suited me.No product worked.Too oily usually,if not every one stuck hairs together etc for a rubbish average look.Somehow i stumbled on Patricks M2 and i nearly passed by due to price.Luckily i didnt.This stuff is amazing.A no 3 buzz so short,yet this stuff gives it definition,gives me the slight styling i wanted,doesnt stick one hair to another gives the hair the most natural yet perfect look.Its one of those things in life that is expensive,but worth every penny because it actually does something the best mens products do.It lets you make the very best of what you have.It also lasts a long time.Im going to let my hair grow to a no 4 Buzz now,just so i can have a little play with this.Im sure amaing for younger guys and longer hair,but also comes into its own for shorter hair and older guys hair.Thankyou guys,really,thankyou.

  60. Phil Bullock

    This is my go to for stopping a bad hair day. Tried several gels and waxes over the years. Then tried this a few years back and never looked back. Also use the SH
    1 shampoo which is another excellent product.

  61. Elvis Jafer

    The best hair styling product available without a doubt!

  62. Gregory Jowle

    Love the M2mMatte Finish styling product from Patricks. This was one of the first products I tried and have been using it ever since. I mostly use it in slightly damp hair but have also occasionally used it in dry hair for a firmer hold. The feel is great and the hold in the hair is awesome but one of the biggest stand outs of the product has to be the smell. I always get compliments on the smell. Like most of Patricks products the price is higher then many other options out there but I guess you get what you pay for.

  63. Trinayan Baruah

    Love this product. Always gives consistent results. This is my second tub. Its worth the price. And the smell is amazing.

  64. Darren Clark

    Good hold but not worth the price tag. Aveda Grooming Clay is half the price and a much better product with great staying power.

  65. Daniel Starr

    Great Product excellent smell

  66. Tom Moyson

    Great hold and smell – will buy again

  67. Stuart Rushton

    Brilliant. Easy to put on and a nice long lasting texture

  68. Riley Giampaolo

    I love the matte finish! It always holds my hair just the way I want and doesn’t leave my hair feeling dirty afterward!

  69. Alex Parker

    Just a little bit of M2 warmed up goes a long way for natural looking style that falls into place. My Barber said he loves cutting my hair he can tell after iv using this stuff it makes my hair really soft and strong (obvs washed out before cut). You get a while out of it.

  70. Paul Davies

    Brilliant product. Great hold and scent!!

  71. Jack Hickling

    Great smelling hair wax

  72. Brody Carlesso

    Very impressed with Patrick’s M2. Smells amazing as well and the finish in your hair is great! Bit on the pricey side but I’ll definitely be buying it again.

  73. Jimmy Sosic

    Excellent product. Easy to use and reapply if required

  74. Guy Smith

    My consistent go-to hair styler. Love it.

  75. David Agius

    M2 keeps hair looking great all day , love the container it comes in just an awesome product.

  76. Rick Anderson

    Have been using products foe a couple of weeks now , had pronpt delivery , great stylish packaging and most importantly the produxt does what is says – provides medium hold . Very happy will order again . Rick – Perth

  77. Reagan Dahlseide

    Not too tacky – great packaging.

  78. Harmeet Singh

    Great smell, amazing packaging

  79. Ren Xu

    I bought M2 and FM2.5

    I like them so much. Both of them smell good!!! Keep my hair style all the day

  80. Hong Hai VUONG

    After my first M2 I tried the M3 to see if a stronger hold would do the trick but here I am running back to the M2: the hold is just perfect and the fragrance much more to my taste than what you get with the M3. Very highly recommended.

  81. Alfred Mucunabitu

    Simply a great product

  82. Francesco bruno

    Very happy with your product, it works perfectly

  83. David Bucci

    GREAT product!!

  84. Brian D.

    Love this product. Works great. A little pricey but it lasts forever. Will keep using. Best hair product out there.

  85. Jason Boduch

    This stuff is phenomenal and it smells great. I will definitely be buying this again in the future.

  86. Ken Landers

    Was skeptical. Packaging is unmatched. The smell is very subtle but noticeable at the same time. Consistency of the pomade is on the firmer side but not like clay. See how long it lasts to see if it justifies the $. My belief is it will.

  87. Andres Roldan

    Smells great. Great performance all day. Fast delivery.

  88. Sanjay Dutt

    Perfect for hair styling

  89. Peter Cross

    Brilliant product, works well with short-medium hair and a fantastic smell too!

    Highly recommended this product and well worth the price.

  90. mark ventura

    Awesome product! smells good and hold is just right.

  91. Dax Xie

    Works great on hair styling

  92. Jeff Cunliffe

    Really good product. Perfect consistency to it, holds my hair in place without being clumpy or greasy. Recommended

  93. Peter Warwar

    All around great texture great scent .

  94. Daniel Kanaan

    My go to for years now. Smells divine (coming from someone that is into premium non-commercial perfumes). Literally rhe perfect mix between hold, flexibility throughout the day if need be. Nice finish as well (neither too matt nor too shiny).

  95. Damian Duchnowski

    Very nice paste, spreads pleasantly in the hands, smells amazing and holds just as it says it does.

  96. Benjamin Martinez

    Great product. From the smell, to the actual. Superb quality. Feels luxurious. Will buy again!

  97. Sam McKay

    Great product – and the smell is addictive!

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