Patricks M3 Matte Finish Strong Hold Styling Product is designed for those with thick, coarse, or short hair, ensuring hairstyles stay in check all day. It’s ideal for creating big quiffs, tight pompadours, or a neat short back and sides. Its water-resistant formula allows for easy restyling post-activity. Packed with ingredients promoting hair growth and scalp health, M3 is a robust choice for high-hold, low-maintenance styling. Contained in a 75g package, it’s cruelty, sulfate, and phthalate-free, and made in the USA.

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The strongest hold product in our range, M3 is a matte finish, strong holding styling product that is best for those with thick, coarse or short hair, or those who want their hair to stay in check all day. Perfect for big quiffs, tight pompadours or a messy short back and sides, and re-mouldable for post activity re-styling. Water Resistant and finished with Cologne de Labdumen.

Contains Patricks Recovery Compound which combines both plant-based and scientifically engineered ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy. The synergistic actions of these ingredients directly address hair loss while promoting growth and improving scalp and hair health.

Best suited to: Short, coarse or thick hair. Also great for those seeking high-hold, low fuss styling. Short to medium lenght hair.

Cruelty, Sulfate and Phthalate Free. Made in the USA.


  1. Ollie

    Great product. Love that it’s water resistant and I can go for a surf and it stays in my hair. I’ve got pretty thick hair and it’s a great strong hold all day.

  2. Callum J.

    Love this product! Great hold and looks awesome. Thanks Patrick!

  3. Jason R.

    I really like that it doesn’t dry my hair out or make my hair hard.

    But it has a good level of hold and keeps my hairstyle in place.

  4. Alex

    Best in the game specially after a surf.

  5. Peter Gurney

    I bought your M3 product at Men’s Biz – at the time thinking how could I have been hood-winked spending 60 bucks! But I have to say it’s really very good. I’ve used hair product for most of my life and the M3 is right up there with the best I’ve ever used. I went back and ordered some more via your website. At some point I’ll try the M2.

  6. Nicholas Taylor

    Very greasy, low – medium hold at best (dry or wet), nice box, ok smell, only “water resistant” due to grease grip.

    Lots of claim, little deliverance unfortunately.

  7. Henson B.

    Best in the biz! Worth every scent 😉

  8. Marshall H.

    Everything is perfect, good hold for my pompadour. I need the finish become more matte. M3 is a little bit shine

  9. Steven Campbell

    Not bad prefer the m2

  10. John Chin

    Love the product & packaging!

  11. Andrew Raymond

    Great product, beats anything else I’ve used hand down.

  12. Jason Wall

    Awesome hair product.

  13. Jason Nagy

    holds well – not an oily finish
    smells awesome

  14. Ty McRae

    Patricks, The best or nothing.

  15. daniel green

    Nice stuff

  16. Peter Pavisic

    Really holds well throughout the day and doesnt make the forehead oily/greasy

  17. Robert

    I love this product. Works very well.

  18. David R.

    This is just the best product that I ever try! My hair is kinda thin and messy and this is the first time that I feel that every day is a good hair day!
    I do calisthenics, gym and practice Latin dancing and I need a product that resist all the hard work, sweating and stay in place. The M3 is the answer to everything.
    Just amazing!

  19. Matthew C.

    Great value…a little goes a long way…one tub lasts 6 mos.

  20. Jack Finn

    The best product ever. Hands down.

  21. Darren

    I don’t know why it is but the first week or so using M3 it performs outstandley. Easy to apply, you can achieve a great style quickly and it holds all day and it is reworkable. However once the product gets older it doesn’t perform like it does at the start. Its week when you apply it so you have to apply more of it to get some strength but this means your hair is weighed down so you lose volume. The hold barley lasts an hour outside. I can’t explain it, it’s like it goes off after opening.

  22. Rune R.

    Good stuff

  23. Mr paul juttla

    Best FUCKING Hair Product EVER been using it from the day it launched always have it stocked up


    I LOVE IT! Just a little bit of M3 does the trick to give my bangs the volume and strength needed without having to use a hot iron.

  25. William G.

    Patricks have the best product out there! You will definitely not be disappointed.

  26. manbir dhillon

    Great product love it

  27. Nicholas Joseph

    Excellent product, I first found this on Yahoo of all places and gave it a try. Great hold on my highly difficult to manage hair. Holds great, solid ingredients to protect your hair, washes out easily.

  28. Leigh Stafford

    I’m not sure about the hair loss but definitely a good product! About to buy again!

  29. Kenneth Toh

    One of the best products out there if you’re looking for a product with a strong hold. Smells amazing too!

  30. Adam Ott

    Love the hold but love the fact my hair feels and looks healthier when I use this product consistently.

  31. Michael Willoughby

    Great Strong waterproof hold and it smells great.

  32. Neal Lu

    I’ve tried several hairstyling products, from pastes to waxes to clays (and everything in between) – but I can safely say that nothing else comes close to M3. It holds my hair in place all day with just a pea-sized amount through Houston heat and humidity (~95F, ~60% humidity) – my girlfriend, who typically can’t tell the difference between my hair products, even commented as she was surprised that my hair looked exactly the same at night as it did when I first styled it in the morning. The smell is phenomenal as well – very light so I only get slight whiffs of it throughout the day, so not overpowering at all and does not clash with my perfume. I did also try M2 before purchasing M3 – for me, M3 worked much better in terms of hold and texture. Will definitely continue purchasing!

  33. Stephen Lindqvist

    Always great! Can even combine with M2 ?

  34. Peter Perry

    Shit is awesome. Best product out.

  35. Vikash Madhar

    Great product, quality hold that nourishes your hair too so happy with my purchase.

  36. Waqar Sabusa

    I started to use the M3 Wax over 2 years ago and now am hooked on to it. Nothing else is even close on the market.

  37. James Smillie

    The best smelling hair product on the market. Nothing else comes close

  38. Damian Chaupin

    I’ve tried multiple products and keep buying M3 from patricks. My stylists always asks me which product i use when i cut my hair all over the world. I always travel with it and never leave home without it.

  39. Jonathan Trijo

    quality product. All day hold as it proclaims, and smells great. I will definately purchase again.

  40. Casper Jul

    Great texture and smell!

  41. mitko dimitroski

    excellant product better than a lot of others on the market.

  42. John Huntington

    I use the M2 mostly,but i have a nightmare hairline that pulls one way and a bit of M3 sorts that problem.Its very strong holding.I also find a small amount of M3 mixed with M2 when applying works very well.Great product,as they all are.

  43. Phillip Wan

    Hold was strong but not rock hard and didn’t leave hair too greasy, fragrance was nice but not overpowering. Would order again.

  44. hoshang zarang

    Excellent product on wet or dry hair. Feels and smells great and works wonders.

  45. Angus Miller

    Deluxe product

  46. Joseph Bowden

    Really good product. Think the top layer gave a bit of a wet look at first, but once passed that a really good product, with strong hold and a nice finish

  47. George Papaioannou

    Absolutely love the M3 Matte Finish product. My hair has never felt better and its so easy to restyle through the day. Best teamed with their Shampoo and Conditioner!

  48. Neil Toulson

    Great product, excellent hold without feeling heavy.

  49. Hisham Azmath

    This the best product ever been using. It for 5 years

  50. Nathan Clyne

    Amazing product for thick hair. Stays all day without any challenges.

  51. Jesse Hurford

    Pros – Smells nice (That gets 1 star)

    Cons – Strong hold…not even close
    – Matte finish…nope, it’s greasy and shiny
    – Cost… If the product fulfilled the two primary specifications then it may be worth the cost, but it does neither

  52. Siddharth Khadkee

    The hold is good, application is super easy and the smell is excellent. Its not as matte finish for dark hair but a great product.

  53. Stefan Walker

    Great hair product nice strong hold and great fragrance. Easy to style with and re-style if required. Love all Patrick’s products. You know you are buying quality when you purchase Patrick’s.

  54. Rohit Nagpal

    Sorry for the bummer but tried M3 and it was not matte at all according to my experience. Quite shiny/oily and I only ever used it once for that reason.

    Positives: Box is quite nice, it smells great and price feels quite fair for the quality of the product and purchase experience.

  55. Sean Soole

    Absolutely love it, the texture and fragrance are incredible. Highly recommend along with any of the Patricks products.

  56. John Ortiz

    The deodorants are awesome and the M3 hair product is high quality.

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