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Experience rejuvenation with Patricks AM1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer, a concentrated cream that delivers 24-hour hydration. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid to reduce aging signs, Creatine to boost collagen, and Squalane for elasticity and radiance, it offers more than moisture—it’s a skin transformation. The formula’s Leather Accord and Australian Sandalwood Cologne provide a luxurious sensory experience.

Perfect for normal to dry skin and as a night cream for combination or oily skin, AM1 is ethical luxury at its best. Free from cruelty, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, and vegan-friendly, it’s conscientiously crafted in the USA.

Each 50 ml bottle is a testament to youthful, vibrant skin.

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A hyper concentrated, rich moisturising cream that is absorbed quickly into the skin for a silky matte finish that continues to hydrate for 24 hours. Contains a powerful combination of Hyaluronic Acid to minimise signs of ageing, Creatine to boost collagen levels and Squalane to promote elasticity and brighten the complexion. Finished with Leather Accord and Australian Sandalwood Cologne.

Best suited to: Normal to Dry Skin. Can be used as a night cream for those with Combination or Oily Skin.

Cruelty, Sulfate, Paraben and Phthalate Free. Vegan Friendly. Made in USA.

AM1 Anti-Aging Moisturiser contains 50 ml.

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  1. Steve

    Seriously the best moisturizer on the market and worth every cent

  2. Gilles Marino

    Hi, I had tried many brands in the past. Either to greasy, too thick, or not moisturizing enough. Then I tried AM1, and my life changed. It is as simple as that. Thank you Patrick Kidd and the whole team behind you. Cheers

  3. Bryan Galan

    Recently started using and so far pleased with the results. Non greasy and feels that has quality constituents. BG

  4. Aniket Pathak

    Great products and timely delivery

  5. Javier Guzman

    Excellent moisturizer, smells awesome- like some luxurious high end spa ish, helps face look more awake for sure.

  6. Joshua Georges

    This isn’t a glossy moisturiser and rubs in really easily. It smells great and when used regularly keeps skin looking healthy. It does come with lots of packaging.

  7. Elvis Jafer

    Awesome skin product. Smells and feels great!

  8. Peter

    My skin usually feels quite dry and tight and this moisturiser makes it feel so soft. It also stops my beard getting itchy when it gets into that itchy phase. It seems to stop flaky skin under my beard too. I have definitely noticed a change in my skin, I don’t know how to describe it, but it just looks better. This is very rich so I don’t use too much. I use it at night too and in the morning my skin feels great. It doesn’t take away shine, but it never makes my face look greasy. I am very impressed with the results.

  9. Sam

    Great Product

  10. Benji

    This brand is by far the best, love the AM1 in particular

  11. Russell Garton

    Great product. Leaves skin feeling hydrated. Packaging looks great too.

  12. Naman Choudhary

    Great product!

  13. Phillip Anderson

    This was a good product and feels good on the skin. It is however very expensive for what it is and I think there are comparable products out there for less. Would also like to see some more environmentally friendly packaging.

  14. Dennis

    I am on my third tub of this cream, it is a must-have in my skincare routine. It keeps my skin hydrated all day and night. A little bit really does go a long way – I use only an almond size for my whole face in the morning and at night and when I wake up it still feels soft.

  15. campbell harris

    Awesome product

  16. Michael Thomas

    Great product

  17. John

    As a 53 year old I understand the importance of using a good quality moisturiser as soon as you can, no one can turn back the hands of time, but we can have a bloody good go at it with Patrick’s AM1. I have been using AM1 religiously for 8 months now, and this week on the day of my 53rd birthday I was asked on two separate occasions if I have had botox injections, this question was answered when I frowned in surprise!. I can’t tell how good this made me feel, and I’m so glad I had the good sense to switch from my previous brand, to be honest, over the years I must have tried nearly every brand known to man and wish I’d discovered AM1 sooner. Like the rest of the Patrick’s range it comes in very stylish packaging, it is easy to apply, non greasy and soaks in well, and it really nourishes your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and going by the compliments, looking younger!. Patrick’s makes real products for real people, AM1 being the jewel in the crown and it really does deserve the recent award of The worlds best moisturiser by British GQ magazine.

  18. Patrick Murray

    I have been using this for a year now and wouldn’t entertain anything else. Absolute first class!!

  19. Stephen Lindqvist

    Best moisturizer on the market! ?

  20. Shahd Wasim

    On my 3rd bottle,…Excellent product. Great sevice.

  21. Ben A.

    I have just recieved my second order of this so clearly I like it! My skin is quite oily and I suffer from acne if the wrong products are used. This one doesn’t break me out and it also doesn’t leave a shine like some moisturisers do. The ingredients are great and I have noticed a difference in skin.

  22. Jesse Norman

    Best products I have used so far. Recommend.

  23. Vlad Novikov

    Great product!

  24. Craig Bell

    Great product. Easy to apply and feels good.

  25. Stefan Walker

    High quality moisturiser great on the skin and keeps your skin nicely hydrated. Highly recommend. Have actually already purchased another.

  26. Karl Zahn

    Great product

  27. Daniel McGiveron

    Love this moisturizer, smells amazing and leaves my skin looking great, will definitely continue using this even if it is a little expensive!

  28. Nicholas Grover

    Great produt

  29. Anonymous

    Fantastic moisturiser, really hydrating but not greasy at all! Lasts ages as a little does a lot? Great product

  30. hamish robertson


  31. James Galofaro

    Premium product, feels sublime on the skin whilst not needing a large amount

  32. George Cavanah

    Top work by Patrick and the team on this product

  33. Aaron Shepley

    Found working out in sun all day and exercising real dried my face out. With using this moisturiser the skin is feeling and looking a lot better.

  34. Richard Arkless

    Using it as per the directions on the product page and really happy with the results. Very natural feel after use. Will definitely be ordering again.

  35. Paul M.

    I use this twice a day. May skin loves it! That is all…

  36. gary payne

    Great product, none greasy and makes your skill feel great

  37. Peter Pavisic

    This is the real deal and isnt thick or greasy on the skin. Cleared up the block pore that was giving me grief for years and I tell all my friends about this product

  38. Andrew Goodall

    Best moisturiser I’ve used. A small quantity goes a long way. Doesn’t leave build-up or an oily residue. Recommended.

  39. Jeremy Fleming

    The best moisturiser on the planet

  40. Aaron Beckman

    I’m on my third one of these. Great product. Skin is smooth, as.

  41. Kehinde Hambolu

    I have tried multiple moisturizers over the years and this is hands down the best out there.
    Literally within 24 hours I can see my skin glowing .. pricey but worth it
    Will definitely be getting a refill

  42. Denis Duong

    Great moisturizer! Leaves skin soft and smooth and not greasy.

  43. Michael Salvino

    This product literally reduced wrinkles in 2 days! Great packaging and design too.

  44. Troy Duncan

    Such an awesome product and the feeling after using the product is amazing

  45. Glen Tanner

    Incredible high quality product

  46. Graham Low

    Great product, worth the extra spend.

  47. Jason Ewart

    Amazing product, packaging and service. I will definitely buy again.

  48. Ali D.

    Awesome product. I am extremely picky with my product choices – but must admit, the AM1 lives up to the hype. My face feels fresh and toned throughout the day.

  49. Travis Trewarne

    Great texture and easy to use and my skin loves it.

  50. Oli Smith

    Simply the best! Worth every penny. Been my go to for over 2 years now. Packaging is awesome and my skin routine is on point with this product.

  51. Andrew Michels

    Patrick’s products are terrific. The moisturizer is light and effective. I like the research that underpins the formula. It is expensive, but the product merits the cost.

  52. Alex Parker

    IV used this product every day for a couple of months and should of wrote a review about it sooner. My skin looks and feels great. I was starting to get just tiny wrinkles so I splashed out on this and it definatly has sorted that worry out. I’ll buy on l another one soon seems to be lasting with 2 presses each time.

  53. Jannik NIALAYA Olander

    Love the comply, the service and their products.

  54. Ian Hirst

    Amazing moisturiser !! Absorbs quickly into the skin and smells divine.
    I just started traditional wet shaving and this product is great after a shave to make your skin feel lovely.

  55. Sam Greer

    Have been using for about 3 weeks now I can defo see the difference, skin looks much cleaner & fresher. My new go to moisturiser for sure!

  56. A B

    I enjoy using this as a night moisturiser. Great smell, great texture. Non greasy. Absorbs quickly. Definitely a keeper.

  57. Michael Andersson

    Style your future.

  58. Rohan Foon

    Feels good on the skin.

  59. Sergio Zambrano

    I have tried a lot of creams, as soon as I used this the 1st time, its a step above the rest. Great start.

  60. Joshua Martin

    Great product, love patricks range

  61. Josh Walker

    This stuff is amazing! Makes my skin feel so smooth. Really great product

  62. Ary Polura

    Fantastic product and great customer service!

  63. Muhammad Farooq

    Absorbs quickly, makes skins smooth. Subtle fragrance. Its too early to say about its anti-aging properties, but it does help brighten skin. Will be able to post more after using it for sometime.

  64. Todd Smith

    Always look forward to putting on. Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. Nice (but minimal) scent

  65. Colin Sergay

    This is an incredible high-end moisturiser. I won’t be using anything else.

  66. Tony Panagiotopoulos

    Great Product.. feel and look radiant after 1 week !!

  67. Jason Cursley

    Absolutely amazing product! I love putting this on every morning.

  68. Jon Rokk


  69. Clive Kenny

    Great moisturiser! Best I’ve used would recommend to everyone!

  70. Adam Martin

    I’ve been using it for one week and am noticing improvements already.

  71. Tom Albano

    Hard to find a good moisturizer for men. Does what it says, a little goes a long way and you can feel it working all day long.

  72. Chris Nice

    Hands down the best moisturiser I have used. At first I was surprised the advice is only 1 pump as it seems such a small amount but it works wonders. I swear I look younger, my skin certainly feels and looks a lot better after using this cream for a few months.

  73. Bill Giannoukos

    Been using AM1 for around 3 weeks and the product is amazing. By far the best moisturizer I have used. Skin feels and looks so much smoother. The product is magic.
    Bill G

  74. Joshua Dixon


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