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This super concentrated, highly active elixir contains an advanced 2% Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, 12 Peptide complex, Probiotics, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide to target lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring, acne and enlarged pores.

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This super concentrated, highly active elixir contains an advanced 2% Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, 12 Peptide complex, Probiotics, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide to target lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring, acne and enlarged pores.

We have used the Rolls Royce of retinoids, Granactive Retinoid, for maximum efficacy but lower irritation – so it is suitable for both those starting out with (and those well-versed in) retinoid use. Granactive Retinoid is a compound derivative of vitamin A, ten times more stable than retinol, and when compared to other Retinoic Acid esters is the most biologically available – providing extremely high dermal delivery with the lowest instances of irritation.

As we age skin becomes thinner and significantly less elastic and using Granactive Retinoid stimulates skin cell proliferation while you sleep, reducing the breakdown of precious collagen stores and restoring a youthful elasticity and suppleness.

Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid which binds 1000 times its weight in water, a potent 12 Peptide complex and Niacinamide also combine to create an anti-aging powerhouse.

Adenosine, a skin restoring agent, improves deep periorbital wrinkles and Trehalose, a water-binding humectant, supercharges hydration. Dandelion Leaf pre-biome employs advanced fermentation techniques to deliver powerful probiotics into the skin for optimal sebum levels, making this formula suitable even for oily skin.

Our lab and test pilots spent over a YEAR perfecting NS1, so you can start lifting some seriously heavy weight with your skin game.

NS1 Anti-aging Night Serum contains 30 ml.

26 reviews for NS1 | ANTI-AGING NIGHT SERUM

  1. Denis Duong

    Great product. Skin feels rejuvenated and refreshed.

  2. Michael Lyons

    Best serum I’ve ever used, I’m 29 and my skin looks like it did when I was a little kid. Obsessed with Patricks. I put this on at night after showering and then follow it up with the AM-1 moisturizer.

  3. Martin Yeung

    Excellent product as usual. Loving it

  4. Marcin Wasiewicz

    Love the feel of my skin after putting the serum on, how it makes my skin look and it also has a nice relaxing scent.

  5. Patrick Barnett

    5 star customer service. Product and packaging seem top notch, excited to see the results.

  6. Tony Panagiotopoulos

    Very hard to actually remove the serum with the applicator.. the applicator already had residue in it when first used. So far no noticeable change

  7. Rob Ellenburg

    Great product! Shipping was quick too!

  8. Gareth John

    Extremely good product! Every product I have tried of Patricks is top quality.

  9. Luis Camacho

    NS1 | ANTI-AGING NIGHT SERUM 1 OZ is a high-quality product. it feels great on the skin and has a pleasant scent, and although it may be expensive, believe me it’s a worthwhile purchase.

  10. Conor Allen

    Amazing night serum , been so many but this one from the first try has made such a good impact on my skin looking so much smoother and really closing up my pores on my face

  11. Troy Thomas

    I have tried countless serums and I have very sensitive skin, so I usually develop a rash. PATICKS Anti-Agin Night Serum has been a godsend. It makes my skin feels smooth and it does not irritate my sensitive skin at all! I am so glad I discovered this.

  12. John Koutsogiannis

    I feel like a 50 year old with baby butt skin. It works

  13. Nixon Gill

    The best serum ever created by man, in a lab, placed into the funkiest bottle to help this 40 something metrosexual look a tad younger

  14. Aaron Beckman

    This is good stuff.

  15. Dan Hamilton

    Great quality product that will not disappoint. Highly recommend.

  16. Scout Sullivan

    After 1 month of using, I am already seeing great results. Highly recommended!

  17. Warrick Morgan

    Have been using for almost two weeks now and absolutely loving it. It does not make my skin feel oily or clammy and I have started to notice an improvement in my complexion. Will definitely be repurchasing!

  18. Mike Velt

    Great product. Expensive but, like all of the Patricks products, the NS1 seems to work as advertised.

  19. Eugenio J Estavillo

    An amazing serum that makes the night routine fun. A tiny amount makes a huge impact with a soothing scent that relaxes you. My skin is feeling renewed every morning

  20. Edward Coleman

    Skin felt great, and looked younger from after the first use

  21. Amit Patel

    Amazing product. Been using it for over a week and was reluctant to post a review straight away fearing this product was not going to do anything!
    BUT…I have to say the NS1 is amazing. My skin has become so much smoother and softer. I use the exfoliator and face wash as well to gain the best results 🙂
    I will def be buying again

  22. Adam Martin

    Skip some nights because skin can get irritated

  23. Oliver Bowman

    Do your research on the ingredients in the serum and you’ll find its probably the best on the market.
    I use this in conjunction with the foaming face wash and AM1

  24. Omar Sanyurah

    This is the best serum I have used hands down. A lot of hygiene products make empty claims, but Patricks is backed by research and they even cite evidence in scientific literature to back their products. I have noticed my skin has become more smooth, even, and overall appears healthier. Excellent product.

  25. Matthew Stewart

    Great product, highly recommend!

  26. J Stroud

    I’ve tried retinol and hyalraonic acid products in the past and they’ve always been too harsh on my skin. This one does work and it doesn’t redden up my skin or dry it too severely. It’s Patricks, which is the only reason I spent 3 or 4x as much. Expensive, but effective.

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