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Experience the award-winning excellence of Patricks RD2 Anti-Hair Loss Serum, a highly advanced, scientifically formulated treatment designed to visibly enhance hair thickness and vitality. Boasting over 24% active ingredients, this powerful serum deeply penetrates the scalp to stimulate circulation, nourish hair follicles, and effectively block DHT, thereby reducing hair loss significantly.
Its unique blend of active components, including Capixyl, AnaGain, Baicapil, Micro Algae, Procapil, Redensyl, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Caffeine, and Lactic Acid, works in concert to foster fuller, denser, and healthier hair growth. The serum’s lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky formulation ensures effective scalp absorption and optimal efficacy. As a testament to its superior performance, this serum has been recognized with prestigious industry awards, underscoring its effectiveness in hair care. Ideal for nightly use but suitable for any time, RD2 is a key component in a comprehensive hair care routine, especially when paired with other Patricks products, to combat hair loss and promote robust, vibrant hair.

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The Patricks RD2 Anti-Hair Loss Serum is a powerful and scientifically formulated hair care product designed to promote thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. This serum is particularly noted for its high concentration of active ingredients, making up over 24% active ingredients all designed to fight hair loss. These ingredients are designed to deeply penetrate the scalp, encouraging blood circulation, fostering healthy hair follicles, and blocking DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a key factor in hair loss.

The RD2 serum contains a unique blend of active components:

  1. Capixyl (5%): A combination of peptides and red clover extract, which works together to regenerate hair follicles, modulate DHT levels, and improve hair anchorage.
  2. AnaGain (4%): Derived from organic pea sprout extract, it aids in rebalancing the hair life cycle by stimulating hair growth at the root.
  3. Baicapil (4%): A synergic blend of Scutellaria baicalensis, soy, and wheat sprouts that stimulates hair growth, increases hair density, and reduces hair loss.
  4. Micro Algae (4%): Sourced from the Tahitian Sea, it’s clinically proven to increase hair density.
  5. Procapil (3%): Fortifies and rejuvenates hair follicles at the root to prevent hair loss.
  6. Redensyl (3%): A blend targeting stem cells and human fibroblasts in the dermal papilla to improve hair density.
  7. Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1: Reduces DHT production, stimulates hair-strengthening genes, and increases the population of anagen hair.
  8. Caffeine: An antioxidant that enhances the active growth phase of hair, providing intense stimulation at the root of each follicle.
  9. Lactic Acid: Encourages hair growth, balances pH levels, removes product build-up, and adds shine.

The serum is designed to be lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky, ensuring efficient scalp penetration and full efficacy. It is also recommended to complement the serum with other Patricks products like SH1/CD1 and SH Plus/CD Plus for enhanced results. RD2 is suggested for use at night, although it can be used at any time​

Packed with a game-changing combination of clinically proves actives, natural extracts and a multi-peptide complex, RD2 is a lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky hair serum that will ensure efficient scalp penetration and full efficacy.

Enhances results of SH1/CD1 and SH Plus/CD Plus. Also complements RD1 and we suggest RD1 for the day (as it adds texture to the hair) and RD2 for night, but either can be used anytime.

9 reviews for RD2 | ANTI HAIRLOSS SERUM

  1. Jack White

    I have been using this product for the past month and can already feel my hair getting thicker! It’s not oily at all so I use it twice a day, very satisfied!

  2. Galen Perry

    Lightweight, feels good on the scalp. Seems to immediately help with any itchiness as well

  3. Cameron Nicholls

    Not sure, yet, I have only just started using this, but please know unlike the only other review here, it is oily/greasy. If it works, who cares (that’s a six month journey at least though), but please don’t expect your hair to be looking that great after applying. Use the shampoo for that.

  4. Todd Mack

    Easy to apply – existing hair looks thicker and healthier, I plan to continue using

  5. Darin M

    Amazing product. Excited to see the results. Very easy to use, pleasant scent and appears that the product will last quite some time, even using daily, as directed. The price is somewhat high, but consistent with Patricks quality and ingredients. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this, if they give it a try.

  6. Benjamin James Barallon

    always great products easy to apply

  7. Greg Kapodistrias

    Probably too early to gauge whether it’s made a difference but it is easily applied and only 4 or 5 drops can cover your whole head. I use it daily every evening and most likely will buy again to give it the best chance of working into the future.

  8. GUNJAN bhardwaj

    Been using the product from past 2 months along with sh1 shampoo and conditioner.I don’t think this product is doing anything at all.Its way too expensive and not effective at all.Definately not buying it again

  9. Dave Griffiths

    Excellent product hair feels stronger

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