Introducing the 2023 Esquire award-winning Patricks SH+ Ultra Thickening Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo – a revolutionary solution for those seeking visibly thicker, healthier hair. This ultra-thickening shampoo is at the pinnacle of hair care innovation, leveraging a patented, lab-formulated blend of 20 active ingredients. Among these, four key clinically trialed compounds stand out:

Baicapil™: Demonstrated to significantly increase the A/T ratio, activating dormant follicles and extending the anagen phase. It effectively reduces hair loss by 60.6% and increases hair density by 59.3%.
Capixyl™: Known to boost the number of hairs per centimeter by 79% over four months, promoting remarkable hair growth and density improvements.
Redensyl™: Delivers impressive results in hair growth, with studies showing a +214% increase compared to untreated hair and outperforming traditional treatments like Minoxidil.
Procapil™: Favored by 90% of volunteers for promoting hair growth, with a noticeable reduction in hair loss experienced by 80% of participants.

These compounds work in synergy with an additional 16 plant-based and laboratory-formulated extracts. Together, they modulate DHT levels, inhibit 5-α reductase, strengthen anchoring proteins, and combat follicle aging. This blend not only stimulates growth but also enhances hair density, allowing for the recovery of a younger, thicker appearance.

SH+ Shampoo is not just a hair care product; it’s a hair rejuvenation experience, formulated with the future of hair care technology in mind. Each 200 ml bottle of SH+ is a testament to our commitment to offering only the most advanced, effective solutions for hair care and hair loss prevention.

Suitable for daily use, this shampoo is a game-changer for anyone experiencing moderate to advanced hair loss, seeking not just to preserve but to enhance the health and appearance of their hair.

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A groundbreaking, ultra thickening shampoo, harnessing pioneering ingredients and technology to deliver our most powerful anti-hair loss treatment yet.

Our patented, lab formulated PRC PLUS compound contains 20 active ingredients, including high percentages of these four, key clinically trialed blends.

Baicapil | During studies 68.6% of volunteers experienced an increased A/T ratio,  activating telogen follicles and extending the anagen phase. After three months of Baicapil application, hair loss was reduced by 60.6%. and hair density increased by 59.3%.

Capixyl  |  Capixyl has been shown to increase the number of hairs per centimetre by 79% after 4 months. Digital trichograms of volunteers showed + 15% growth,  -52% loss and +79% density over four months.

Redensyl | After 7 and 10 days trial using Redensyl, hair growth was increased by +214% compared to untreated, and showed almost two times higher results than Minoxidil, the benchmark reference.

Procapil | During studies, 68% volunteers had an improvement in the anagen hair density, with 90% agreeing that the product favoured hair growth, and 80% experiencing a noticeable reduction in hair loss. 

A further 16 dynamic, plant-based and laboratory formulated extracts work together at both cellular and dermal levels, to modulate DHT, inhibit 5-α reductase, strengthen anchoring proteins and fight the follicle aging process – stimulating growth, increasing density and allowing the recovery of a younger, thicker and healthier look.

Pioneering innovation includes a newly-discovered molecule called dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG), a compound derived from plant extracts. When this biological component is combined with water, zinc and glycerin, it targets the hair follicle, encouraging the division and proliferation of the stem cells that directly lead to hair growth.

Further clinical studies and ingredients can be found in the Technology and FAQ tabs.

SH PLUS Ultra Thickening Shampoo contains 200 ml.


  1. Fredrik Skurdal

    Great shampoo and gives the hair a nice feeling. A small drawback is that it makes the hair feel heavy and flat, especially when putting paste in it afterwards

  2. Zac Hinkins

    Feels even better than the daily thickening shampoo, I’m excited to see the results in the next few months.

  3. Anthony Woods

    Shampoo is great and smells amazing. Leaves hair clean and fresh. Hair is thickening after four months if use and would recommend. Will be buying more to continue the program.

  4. Dylan Timms

    Great product! Smells unbelievable and leaves hair feeling quality.

  5. Chris Parr

    Makes my hair feel great

  6. Stuart Ginn

    I have been using the SH Plus Shampoo daily for 2 and a half months now. My scalp is slightly more itchy than normal and unfortunately it has not caused any discernible thickening or anti hair loss as advertised. If anything I’d say my rate of hair loss has increased since using this shampoo. It does lather well so I’ve been able to use the same bottle for two months, but I’d have to say this product doesn’t work in my experience. I’ll give it another couple of months just in case but I’m not hopeful.

  7. Kieran Knight

    Great product. Smells amazing

  8. Simon Maher

    After having used the shampoo for several weeks now, I can’t unequivocally say that there’s been significant improvement, if any. Although the shampoo has a lovely scent and comes in nice packaging, the bottle doesn’t travel well in luggage and I’ve experienced some leaking; after all the effort that has allegedly gone into this product surely testing on air travel would have been one of them.

  9. MK

    This product is absolute rubbish save your money no hair gain what so ever.

  10. Greg Kapodistrias

    Smells fantastic, lasts around 5 months if washing your hair 3 times a week. I’d like to think that it’s doing its job. Still have hair breakage and a few strands always come out when washing but overall hair density is thicker, just takes time and patience.

  11. Mitch Standen

    Early days but looking good

  12. Peter Williams

    Really high quality ingredients and has finally started making a difference!

  13. Kevin Lambert

    Can confirm this product does what it says it does. Highly recommend.

    Great aussie company!

  14. Daniel Weizman

    It really works! Been using it for a few weeks now and noticed a real change. Very optimistic about the next few months.

  15. Phil Stimpson

    Quality product

  16. Jake Norman

    Purchased this product along with CD1 Conditioner and two hair products.

    So far nothing but good things to say, while I probably haven’t had the product long enough to see the long term benefits, I can attest that it is just extremely good Shampoo and Conditioner, hair does feel thicker with less shedding seen from normal products.

    I’m looking forward to buying into the skincare line.

  17. Sean Holland

    Good shampoo, hair feels and looks thicker. Been using 2 weeks now and seems to be getting better all the time.

  18. David Sykes

    Have been using this shampoo for a few weeks now and I’m really impressed with the results. My hair feels healthier and thicker. The shampoo smells great and you only need a small amount. I will definitely continue using it.

  19. Bevely Galloway

    I have only been using this product for a few weeks but I do like the fact that my hair seems to be a bit stronger so far I am happy with the shampoo

  20. Manish Vyas

    Finally found a shampoo that works. Been using for sometime now and my hair has been better since.

  21. Trish Bastias

    The packaging of each product is high class and the products are beautifully scented .. But unfortunately my 60 yr old husband tells me the shampoo felt a little heavy on his hair ..I do have my suspicion he may have used too much shampoo & conditioner .. he did acknowledge that after drying, his hair was manageable and felt very soft and luxurious, felt pampered just like walking out of his hairdressers. Its still early days but I would still repurchase these products .. he just needs to learn to use less per wash.

  22. Harry Royles

    Early days, about a week, but at least it seems like a really nice shampoo. A little I.e. one pump produces a really thick lather. I’ll post again when I’ve finished the bottle.

  23. Eugene Phua

    Product is great but just travelled interstate with it and most of the contents leaked
    from the bottom hole of the product which exploded all in my travel bag. Batch# 70961B2

    CD Plus purchased as well had no issue.

  24. Adam Parker

    Very good so far, hair feels thicker

  25. Shaun Sandison

    Excellent product

  26. Luiza Bonon

    Best shampoo ever! My husband hair is growing so much thicker and the smell is incredible!

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