Enhance your hair care routine with Patricks SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo. This top-rated product is tailored for men who are concerned about or beginning to experience hair loss. It’s packed with strengthening proteins that maximize hair density, making your hair appear thicker and fuller from the first wash. The formula also includes DHT blockers to minimize hair loss, all while gently cleansing to remove excess oil and product buildup. Infused with Vetiver and Baltic Amber Cologne, SH1 provides a luxurious experience, leaving your hair and scalp refreshed and nourished. Suitable for thin to normal hair, this shampoo is cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. Made in the USA, each bottle contains 200 ml of this transformative shampoo.

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Our best-selling product, SH1 thickening shampoo is specifically formulated for men concerned with or beginning to experience hair loss. Packed with strengthening proteins to help maximise hair density, SH1 injects strength into your hair from the first wash, making hair appear thicker and fuller without weighing it down. Mild cleansing agents remove excess oil and product build up. Finished with Vetiver and Baltic Amber Cologne.

Contains Patricks Recovery Compound which combines both plant-based and scientifically engineered ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy. The combined and synergistic action of these ingredients directly address hair loss, hair growth, scalp and hair health.

Best suited to: Thin to Normal Hair. Those concerned with or beginning to experience hair loss. Use in conjunction with CD1 Thickening & Stimulating Conditioner.

Cruelty, Sulfate, Paraben and Phthalate Free. Made in USA.

SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo contains 200 ml.

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  1. Johnny B.

    I absolutely love SH1! It smells amazing and really makes my hair look so much thicker. The combo SH1 + CD1 are phenomenal.
    I will be buying again!

  2. Benji

    Amazing shampoo, no other product I have used has been this affective. Noticed a change within the first few weeks.

  3. Nicholas

    I first started using SH1 shampoo a couple of months ago and I can’t believe how much it transformed the look and feel of my hair. My hair (normally quite rebellious!) has become a lot more manageable and the texture is more lush and smooth. The packaging is great! It helps ensure you get the exact right amount you need, which is not much. A small amount is really all you need. Last, the scents are all great. It’s a fun sensory experience.

  4. David Pitrans

    Great shampoo, the first gen container sucked but it has improved and now almost zero waste. Highly recommended! Keeping the reseed at bay

  5. Jason Nagy

    i can notice a change already

  6. Aaron Beckman

    I really like the combination of this +CD1. Great smell. Am fighting the good battle with thinning hair and I like having this on my side.

  7. Jeremy Fleming

    I love this Shampoo!

  8. Evan Read

    Turned up to the door very quickly and feels good to wash my hair with

  9. Frank Di Bartolo

    great product with a convenient pump pack.

  10. Timothy Freeman

    Love it, smells great and leaves my hair feeling excellent.

  11. Brice Pennicott

    Nice product!

  12. Rafael L.

    It truly works well and it is gentle to the hair. Great product as all of the products Patricks makes

  13. Daniel D.

    I first tried Patricks SH1 & CD1 in 2018. I was impressed with the feel, look, & scent that the product provided. The only issue I had was the design of the container that put style over functionality. That was fixed with the new containers (I assume following feedback from customers). I have nothing but good things to say about the product but my concern now is the pricing. I realize you pay a premium price for a premium product, however, Patricks has decreased the size of the container and continued to increase the price (less product for more money). I’m sure the new containers cost more to make but they’ve priced me out of the market (it was expensive to begin with and was a luxury item I only purchased occasionally), I appreciate that shipping was always free but at such a premium and considering the Canadian exchange rate I won’t be buying this product anymore unless there’s a really good sale.

  14. Brian S.

    I purchased the SH1- Daily Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner and love both.
    Isn’t too heavy and smells great. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a premium hair product – gentle on hair for daily use — Amazing.

  15. Sepehr S.

    Results after 1st use

  16. Bryce H.

    Smells great and when combined with CD1 it makes my hair look and feel great. Noticed improvement in my hair after only a few uses. Premium product well worth the price.

  17. Matt S.

    This is an amazing shampoo! Not too aggressive so my hair doesn’t feel like i’ve run paint stripper through it (usually the case with any supermarket shampoo!)

    Goes really well with the CD2 conditioner (I have quite fine hair)

    Highly recommended!

  18. Tristan K.

    SH1 daily thickening shampoo is absolutely amazing… Have tried so many shampoo’s over the years and this is the best in the world… Worth every penny if you truly want to look after your hair and scalp!!! :+1:

  19. Ben A.

    My hair looks and feels really good after using this, does actually seem to thicken it. Recommend you try it out!

  20. Jesse Norman

    Best shampoo I’ve used, hair just felt and looked better, better to style afterwards, scent is the best of any shampoo

  21. Billy Iatrou

    This product is crucial in my day to day hair regiment. I have been using this for about a year and a half now and it has helped strengthen my hair which was beginning to weaken and thin. Love it

  22. Seiya Taguchi

    Well designed, very refreshing.

  23. Lewis Hayward

    I have been using this now for just over a year and the fact I keep coming back means something. This alongside the CD1 conditioner has made my hair feel and look thicker and stronger. This smells great and leaves my hair feeling well nourished. Couldn’t recommend it more!

  24. Kevin Van

    Great pump bottle and smells great

  25. David Stewart

    This shampoo might be the best I’ve ever used. And the pump bottle actually works – now that’s a surprise.
    Very happy overall.

  26. Craig Lamont

    Bets shampoo I have ever had, buy with the conditioner and you will not be disappointed!

  27. Chervon Selvakumaraswamy

    Great Shampoo. Smells amazing and great design.

  28. Tim Delaney

    Good product but to be honest, for the price point 200ml is not that generous amount to use. Most shampoos and conditioners will give you at least 250ml – I would prefer if it came in a larger size to save on shipping costs. Any chances a larger size is in the works?

  29. robert fullerton

    after only useing it 3 times my hair seems fuller and thicker ,iwill continue to use it and look forward to even more body ,i think i will add the conditioner soon

  30. David Strugats

    Five star review

  31. Matt Hicking

    Great product. I have bought this is the past but the bottles were difficult to use. These are premium and help you use exactly what you need. I can definitely notice the different after using compared to just the family shampoo. Not really sure I could afford every month but will definitely order more when I can.

  32. Rob Stone

    I had the CD1 conditioner and liked it, so thought I’d give the SH1 a go after hearing about the Esquire review. I am impressed so far… It certainly makes my hair feel thicker, so much so that I’ve not felt the need to add any styling product. Think I’ll stay natural for a while before reconsidering some M1 paste. The packing is superb; a pleasure to look at and use. Thank you Patricks.

  33. David Barker

    Tremendous. Highly recommend.

  34. Matt Whitehead

    Brilliant product – have used SH1 exclusively for the last few years. Smells good and always leaves my hair feeling enhanced in a natural way. Also: customer service from Patricks is second to none in my experience.

  35. Daniel Parker

    Quick delivery, very sleek packaging, great subtle scent and start to see benefits after a few uses. Top product!

  36. Patrick Wolfe

    Makes my hair fuller

  37. David Shalson

    Easy to shampoo with and good finish after drying. Recommendable

  38. Adam Rowley

    Great product. Will be buying again ????

  39. Ioannis Tarlas

    Amazing shampoo!!!! It smells fantastic and it makes my hair look thicker and healthier!!!!!

  40. Simon Nadel

    It seems to do the job. Thanks

  41. Mark Crothers

    I tried this as a middle-aged man and lifetime user of Head & Shoulders. While I don’t believe Patrick’s shampoo cleans the hair as well as H&S, the hair definitely feels better after using the Patrick’s

    The important point – did it reverse hair loss? I’m not sure if it did or not but it made my hair thicker and it also looked healthier (shinier, less breakages, etc), so it appears visually as if I have more hair

    Overall I liked the Patrick’s and am planning on coming back for 2 more bottles to replace this empty one, but I cheat and also use H&S.

    Some days in the shower I wash with H&S first and then use the Patrick’s. This seems to be the best solution for me but your mileage may vary. The H&S does a great job of cleaning and the Patrick’s does a great job of making my hair look healthier, at least this is my perception (UK buyer)

  42. Benjamin Stewart

    Only been using for a couple of weeks but it appears to be doing what it says on the tin!

  43. Robin Gower

    I love this stuff! Over the years, I’ve tried dozens and dozens of hair thickening shampoos, conditioners, creams, potions, and elixirs. None of them have done a thing for my hair. This stuff has. I don’t know how it does it (and, frankly, I don’t care) but it works. I should add that it works with my hair but it may not necessarily with with yours, but I’m absolutely delighted with it. Oh, and the bottles look cool too.

  44. justin mcloughlin

    Sh1 thickening shampoo seems really good on first use and packeded really nicely in a cool bottle

  45. Bill Giannoukos

    Been using SH1 for a short while and hair does actually feel and look thicker. I guess still early days to see if it prevents hair loss or regrows hair but so far so good.

  46. Muhammad Farooq

    Leather up nicely, Clean smell, not over powering. Hair feels thicker and easy to manage. I have thinning of hair but after using this shampoo, it feels slightly thicker. Too early to say for sure, but hair seems to fall less than before. So far so good. Ordered two more bottles. Packaging is nice and looks fancy. Happy with product.

  47. Laurence Stevens

    Both the SH1 Shampoo and the Thickening Conditioner are really excellent, highly recommended,
    great service + delivery too / 5*

  48. Stephen Desilva

    Thickest my hair as looked for a few years, noticed the difference within the first week of using.

  49. Luke Kyprianou

    Great product. Been using the thickening shampoo and conditioner for 2 years now and very happy with the results i’ve seen.

  50. anthony turner

    Slight delay in shipping but kept informed & updated whilst waiting. Used for a week so far and can feel some positive results in texture and hair manageability. I’ts encouraged me to invest in the conditioned now.

  51. Matt Booth

    A great shampoo, leaves the hair feeling great!

  52. Reza Rahbaran

    Just started but so far hair feels bouncier and fresh

  53. Steven Mills

    Great product

  54. Daniel Esson

    Works exactly as sold, fuller hair and healthier hair

  55. Jayden Hall

    Sent me the wrong packages

  56. Michael marrone

    Hair is noticeably more textured and hs more grip. Also smells great.

  57. Sohrab Bayat

    This is a good product and it worked for me from day one!

  58. James Mann

    Very good

  59. Kerry Savas

    Excellent quality product . Postage was fast and packaging was superb . I will definitely purchase again . Well done .

  60. Alex Green

    Good first impressions, potential to earn the 5th star, time will tell

  61. Michael Collins

    Love your shampoo product, its made a massive difference already and my hair is looking thicker after a few weeks, thankyou

  62. Amul Bhatia

    Super nice customer service team, package came earlier than expected, product is very good and see myself using this product for a long time.

  63. Ryan Wheeler

    Have been using product for about 10 days now. Hair is feeling much healthier.

  64. Michael Harris

    After experimenting with a variety of hair products over the years to manage the gradual thinning and receding of my hair, I came across Patricks and their thickening shampoo.

    And after a couple months of use, it has indeed thickened my hair. However, that has only occurred where I have hair. So don’t expect this product to fill in spots or areas already short on hair.

    What it will do is make the hair you have thicker and fuller.

  65. Alex King


  66. Lee Waring

    Great product. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

  67. Zameer Hussain

    Used for a week. Too early to tell but no complaints.

  68. Mark Powell

    Tried this product after reading other reviews. I was surprised that it actually works really well. I and my partner have noticed the difference. I have fine hair and it has made my hair thicker and fuller after a few washes. Bonus also that it smells great.
    Thank You Patricks

  69. Lewis Butler

    Seems to be working for me my hair fall has reduced massively over the last few weeks to only 3-4 hairs when I wash now from handfulls previously. It definitely looks abit thicker too but i wish I had bought the conditioner too as my hair is really wirey and could have left it in better condition but using the shampoo daily doesn’t seem to dry my hair out at all like others usually do. It is quite expensive for a shampoo but was worth a try for me and ill continue using until its finished then see how much my hair has improved. Only slightly negative thing for me is that it takes some lathering up but I think that’s because there is no nasty chemicals in which really is better for your hair.

  70. Thomas Barnard

    I’ve been using this shampoo for 3 months. My hair definitely feels healthier after using it. It also smells great

  71. chloe squibb

    Really good consistency. Pleased with it

  72. Ray Nam

    nice and clean ! looking forward to the result!!

  73. Andrew Saunders

    Fantastic product, would most definitely buy again.

  74. Mark Reynolds

    Big fan, will buy again.

  75. Anas Khan

    Great shampoo used for over 5 years great company glad to see them grow quick delivery too

  76. Bryan Bayfield

    I got a nasty shock just before Christmas when I looked in the bathroom mirror and could see my scalp through gaps in my thinning hair. It had been six weeks since I’d last had it cut, and yet it was still short enough to not need cutting at all.

    I knew I had to do something before the problem escalated. The first month I used sh2 by mistake in conjunction with cd1, the second month I used sh1 with cd1 like I should’ve done in the first place.

    So, two months on, there’s a massive difference. The problem isn’t completely eradicated, but it’s on its way out. Its thicker, it’s longer and I’m feeling so much better mentally. How much is down to cd1 and how much to the shampoo, I can’t say, but it feels like it’s played a big big role.

    It’s great to use, had a nice smell, leaves your scalp with a pleasant cooling tingle and importantly for me, doesn’t irritate the skin. I’ve had problems with shampoos in the past, as you wash it out, so it runs down the face and as it does that, some shampoos have caused a really strong dermatitis on my face which is very unpleasant. Not this stuff though, it’s very gentle.

    So all in all, most definitely recommended

  77. Chris Harper

    I have been using PATRICKS SH1, daily thickening shampoo for approximately 3 weeks, and have noticed positive results in health and shine of hair. Areas that have thinning are starting to feel and appear fuller. I have used similar products by other brands previously and have stopped due to very little change. I will continue to use PATRICKS, and am satisfied that the research and science that supports this product is what makes this stand out in terms of performance.

  78. Conrad Clarke

    Brilliant product would 100% recommend

  79. Connor Laing

    Very good and started to notice differences after a week or so

  80. Ed Hutchins

    I like the way the shampoo feels when lathering it into my hair. My hair does feel thicker after drying. The formula seems scientifically based to help with thinning and hair loss. I have definitely noticed less hair loss. Have reordered.

  81. Bonnie Stuart

    Try it , You will like it!

  82. Thomas Hendry

    Good product. Turned up quickly and produced results immediately

  83. Nick Simon

    Actual game changer, will never look back

  84. Nick Simon

    Won’t need another shampoo ever again. he thicccc

  85. Stephen Conchie


  86. Matt Alford

    Excellent product, amazing results, fantastic company and top class customer service. Would 100% recommend.

  87. Mark Welsh

    Go-to shampoo. Good lather, makes hair feel and smells good.

  88. Jeremey O’Hara

    Hello from Perth,
    So far, so good. Have been using the SH1 Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner for @2months now and have already experienced a dramatic reduction in hair-loss. Also, hair looks healthier & is more alive after drying off. Hope it keeps tracking this way!

  89. Jayesh Patel


  90. Fraser Carstairs

    Great product

  91. Glen Tipping

    Great product and worked almost immediately.

  92. Peter Herbert

    Very pleased with my first use of Patricks shampoo.

  93. Gary McGibbon

    Good product that does what it says and smells great. It’s a thicker consistency than SH2 and for me I find I have to use a little bit more to get it to lather up and wash my hair as well as the SH2 does. Very much a preference thing, but both are quality options.

  94. Jack Burke

    Fantastic product. Started to notice after a week that my hair was feeling thicker and healthier. Great smell and feel to my hair. Would definitely recommend.

  95. Phil Coxley

    Shampoo did exactly what it claimed – my hair seemed thicker than normal!

  96. Ryan Kennedy

    Lovely smell too!

  97. Matthew Ashdown

    Amazing stuff. Been using for a week every day. Went to my barbers yesterday and he wanted to know why my hair was thicker. Deffo recommended

  98. Ron Lyon

    Not only made my hair feel thicker, it really cleaned my scalp. LOVE it!

  99. Michael Carney

    Hair seems to be thickening well

  100. Matt Taylor

    This is magical stuff. Hair feels strong and scalp is less itchy! Also noticing less hair fall which is a bonus! Very impressive!

  101. Matthew Hill

    Cant rate patricks enough, my hair feels cleaner and noticeably thicker. SH1 is part of my daily routine now!!

  102. Tom Moyson

    Hair feels thicker and cleaner – also love the smell. Ran out and used other shampoo I had at home and can see the difference – will definitely order again

  103. Mitchell Stokely

    Best mens products available.

  104. Michael Rossi

    Very good results, easy to use.

  105. Liam Robinson

    Its been excellent as a product, smells divine and noticing immediate changes.

  106. Geraint Adams

    My hair feels a lot more healthy but I’m not sure how much thickening it has done. It’s quite expensive but it lasts a long time, my first bottle lasted 4 months when I was washing my hair daily, which makes me feel like it’s decent value for money

  107. Tehseen Haider

    I see the difference. Very happy with my purchase

  108. ismael emambocus

    does the job , no fuss and smells great.

  109. Simon Russell

    Really nice Shampoo and makes what hair I have left feel soft and smell really good. Would recommend. Simon.

  110. Anthony Amos

    Really nice product, cleans hair as expected.

  111. Deepish Patel

    Recently purchased this product. I can definitely say that it works and this is after trying a couple of other products previously.

  112. David Rowan

    Definitely leaves my hair thicker, will be buying again. It feels like my hair loss has slowed down but this could be placebo. Time will tell! Recommended.

  113. craig

    Craig P – ive used this several times and already i feel that my hair is thicker and more lush

  114. Rodney Gergely

    Only just received the product but the process in purchasing and delivering was good. The only thing is that the shampoo fell on the shower tiles and the container cracked open and lost some product. May need to look at a better or stronger container especially due to the shampoo is more likely to accidentally fall due to slipperiness.

  115. Stephen Pan


  116. Daniel Lockwood

    Good results so far. Hair is feeling thicker and certainly feels much healthier.

  117. Carl Doyle

    Haven’t seen any thickening of my hair, if anything it’s thinner. Looks like another product making false claims.

  118. Lewis Bradley

    Great product

  119. Nathan Rigger

    Initially, I hesitated around this because it seemed very expensive for men’s shampoo. After now using it for a year I can say it is worth it and I don’t think I could use anything else. My wife says I smell like a Cafe and my hair feels thicker and looks healthier.

  120. Mark Pemberton

    Excellent marketing strategy love it!

  121. Adam doyle

    Only new to SH1 can say though after 4 washes can definitely feel the texture of my hair is different much softer and fuller so will continue to use this product.

  122. Robert Coman

    Week into using this product and starting to notice a few chances already, hopefully they continue as I continue to use it.

  123. Chris Waters

    Love it


    Put simply, it does what it says it will. Great product.

  125. Nigel Rowan

    I have fine hair, which supermarket shampoo leaves stripped dry or super greasy. This stuff is the goods and my hair and scalp have never felt better.

  126. Alex Brailey

    Seems to be working so far. Noticing a difference

  127. Kyle Erickson

    Will be buying more, Noticeably feel hair being thicker, only been using for a week or 2.

  128. Rick Dame

    I love this shampoo because it actually does what it says! It thickens my hair! Great! Fantastic!
    Thanks Patricks.

  129. Sam Danes

    Noticed improvement after first wash

  130. Frank Biundo

    I have been using Patricks SH1 Shampoo for a few weeks now and I can honestly say I have not used anything better. My hair is already thicker and I notice less of it is falling out. Great product.

  131. andrew plowman

    Product arrived on-time, great communication, quality packaging. SH1 has a nice smell and the 1st wash definitely feels different than other products. I’m taking time-lapse pics, so we’ll see. But initial impressions are good. At the very least, it’s a high-end hair care product.

  132. Matthew Stonebridge

    Really like this product – it is the one product that I have found that really seems to work. As a result it is worth the price!

  133. Michael Sanders

    Really good product and service!

  134. Terence Lan

    Outstanding! A shampoo that delivers solid results. My hair has more volume, feels great and smells good too! A great product!

  135. Ryan Hartfield

    Great product! Only need a very small quantity for rich lather and so far, hair looking much better than my previous shampoo.

  136. David Barter

    Good shampoo

  137. Neil Fleming

    Definitely feel as if is doing what it says.

  138. Adam Hitchcock

    So far so good!

  139. Laith Zayadine

    Quite pleased with this so far. Seems to be making a difference to the appearance of the hair. It is noticeably thicker.

  140. Omprakash Mahalingam

    This is working really well so far!

  141. Jenny Bigham

    I’m an older female with a mild hair loss problem. Tried do many products designed for ladies and my hair still looked thin and awful.
    Decided to give Patricks a go after seeing it on breakfast TV segment. Haven’t been disappointed at all! My hair looks thicker with no ‘thinning patches’ showing. My hair is easier to style and manage. I love Patricks!

  142. Paul Quaintance

    Great product.

  143. Wojciech Woloszyn

    All good!

  144. Karl Rosales

    Thank you for the swift replacement

  145. Ben Wardle-Yates

    Top quality product

  146. Denis

    Been using it for about 9 months so far and haven’t noticed improvements in addition to taking Finasteride pills daily. After this shampoo, the hair’s a lot easier to style, though.

    What irritates me the most is the shampoo bottle pump. If you drop it once or twice, something inside the bottle gets damaged, and the pump stops working.

  147. Shem Rodger

    Thickened hair after a few washes

  148. Ali Altamimi

    I seem to have a problem with other shampoos where I tend to shed a few hairs after a shower., but SH1 has reduced that drastically. Would like other scents, though; kinda getting bored of this one. Overall, solid product that does the job, and then some.
    (Been using it for a little under a year now)

  149. Adam Taranto

    Still too early to tell

  150. Chris McBoyle

    I love this shampoo. My hair is very fine and this gives it a great lift which lasts all day! Also, I’ve noticed that I lose fewer hairs which is very good too – at 55 I can’t afford to lose many! True story, I was at the pub last weekend and a lady (in her mid thirties) ran her fingers through my hair and commented on how amazing it was!! I’ve previously been using a premium shampoo which cost more so I would say this is also a bargain!!

  151. Marcin Wasiewicz

    I noticed my hair feeling thicker after just one use

  152. John Higgin

    Looks like it has helped slightly so far. Feels a bit thicker

  153. Kiran Bhana

    Great product

  154. Tyrone Hogg

    Very nice shampoo has a nice smell. I hope it makes my hair grow. thank you very much.

  155. Shirley Carless

    Continued use definitely shows hair improvement.

  156. Matthew Alexander

    I think the product is great. I definitely have fuller hair at the front and it feels great. Beats taking a pill everyday to do the same thing.

  157. Mario Riojas

    63 Years old here with advanced thinning, flyaway see-thru hair. Had been using DS Labs shampoo and products, but SH1 has noticeably thickened my hair and reduced fallout. On my second bottle. Order it, you will love it.

  158. Fredrik Skurdal

    Hair feels great. After trying several brands, this is so far the best product I have tested

  159. Tonga Latu

    Well it does what is says. Great shampoo.

  160. Stevie Brown

    A great product. Saw the results within a week and my barber even commented on noticing a difference in the health of my hair and scalp. Would 100% recommend!

  161. Adam Gonzalez

    I’ve been using this shampoo for about 3 weeks and it’s been amazing. I really like how it makes my hair feel and look after showering. I am going with 5 stars even though I can’t comment on any real hair loss prevention and hair growth promotion, but we shall see. I will likely continue use for at least 6 months based on how it currently has been working.

  162. gordon OLDROYD

    been using this shampoo for 3 weeks now,and what a difference it has made to my fine hair. i am 76 years old but still look good my friends tell me. this shampoo has thickened my hair,more body and shine. best i have used in many years..thank yougordon

  163. David Riden

    Have been using for 4 weeks now daily or every other – it feels and smells amazing and my thin hair has responded in look and feel to being thicker and easier. Will keep using for full effect

  164. Stuart Couldridge

    Excellent service great item already feel the benefits

  165. Dion Buck

    Gave me psoriasis at around week 4, proceed with caution.

  166. Zac Hinkins

    Within a few washes my hair stayed thick and felt much stronger.

  167. Peter Blake

    I absolutely love this product. I’d been using a brand from Portugal (my wife Portuguese) but it was getting more difficult to obtain for me.
    So I did a load of googling and bought the top 5 products I thought would help me.
    This one is a little more expensive, but lasts ages, smells nice and genuinely leaves my hair feeling thicker. Very happy

  168. Griffin Thurman

    I have only been using it for a month, but am excited to see what happens in the next few months.

  169. Rajesh Vootla

    Amazing shampoo, my hair fall drastically reduced and hair feels strong,healthy and fresh.
    Definitely i will use this shampoo for long time!

  170. Kim Whiting

    Hair looks fuller when using. Especially when dried with a hair dryer.

  171. Bryan Miles

    I definitely feel that my hair is thicker as a result of using this product!

  172. Angel Esteban

    Been using SH1 | DAILY THICKENING SHAMPOO 6.7 OZ for about three months now and it honestly works as intended. My Hair look thicker every time I use it and it lather with a small amount of the shampoo.

  173. David Jenkins

    excellent shampoo ;bulks up the thatch – looks and feels like there’s more slates on the roof …

  174. Nathan Jones

    Shampoo is very high quality and fixed my dry scalp issues.

  175. Deba Das

    Seems a high quality product and sleek packaging. Will have to test the results over time but am optimistic!

  176. Hiten Beri

    Every penny is worth it

  177. Mathew Eccleston

    Great product that appears to have thickened up my thinning hair. Highly recommend.

  178. Dhruv Maheshwari

    Great thickening!

  179. Josh Smallman

    Top, top shampoo. Left my hair looking thicker

  180. Rob Ellenburg

    Smells great, works great!

  181. Laith Zayadine

    Great stuff. Does the trick

  182. Steve Walters

    Excellent product. Revitalises my hair. Thickens.

  183. Carlito III Columna

    All good. No complaints yet.

  184. Daniel Lee

    I’ve had the opportunity to try this shampoo and its partner, Conditioner for the last 2 months. I could write a book about my journey into hair loss and hair revival. I consider Patricks hair loss technology to be a supplement in addition to the other supplement that I’ve been taking for years. Just give you a dose of my journey…I take Saw Palmetto, multi-vitamins, Finasteride, and other additional supplements recommended for hair loss. It’s not every day that I can find a product that invigorates my hair health, but brings it to life every day. Men, hair loss treatment is not a one-stop-shop business. Lots of patience, research, and commitment go into it. I’m glad that I stumbled across Patricks at Nordstroms and now, a perfect addition to my hair recovery journey. FYI, I have added RD2 and will be switching it up to SH+ and CD+ in a month or so. Patricks, you had me at “we can do better”.

  185. Bryan Mackovyak

    First time buyer and not easily impressed by products , but everything I received from the packaging to the bottle and the actual product were some of the best quality.

  186. Dave Evely

    A great shampoo with quick results. Hair felt thicker after only a couple of washes!

  187. Sye Hughes

    So far so good. Definitely feels better and hair is thicker!

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