For when it’s not your time to shine, you need superleggera, a moisturising yet mattifying complex that translates to ‘super-light’. Expertly engineered to absorb excess sebum, whilst keeping skin nourished, hydrated and refined all day.

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For when it’s not your time to shine, you need superleggera, a moisturising yet mattifying complex that translates to ‘super-light’. Expertly engineered to absorb excess sebum, whilst keeping skin nourished, hydrated and refined all day.

This lightweight emulsion is specifically formulated for shine-prone complexions, with oil-reducing ingredients performing synergistically alongside high-powered, skin perfecting actives. Superleggera works on the surface and beneath, clarifying pores, stimulating collagen and elastin, improving moisture retention and protecting against cellular damage.

Peptides stimulate the skin to produce collagen, improving the skin barrier and increasing elasticity, leading to younger, firmer looking skin

Red Algae rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants, which clarify and clean the skin. The outstanding moisture-retaining properties promote a healthier barrier, replenishing the skin’s natural hydration

Niacinamide contributes to balancing visible sebum activity, supporting the structural and functional integrity of the skin. Targets visible shine, enlarged pores and irregular skin texture

Antioxidants defend skin’s surface from damage caused by free radicals and environmental aggressors. They also energize and brighten skin, correcting visible dullness, lines, and rough texture

Hyaluronic Acid a water-attracting molecule that provides an impactful amount of moisture without clogging pores or leaving residue, reducing the overproduction of sebum

Squalane a versatile fatty molecule ideal for shine-prone skin, as it’s the closest emollient to your skin’s own natural oils. With a thin, non-greasy and lightweight texture, it locks moisture into your epidermis, effectively balancing sebum levels

SL1 Superleggera Moisturiser contains 50 ml.


  1. Danijel Berendika

    This is the best face cream that actually works. I have tried more expensive creams, spent a lot of money, but this cream works. My skin is not greasy after eight hours, which is the best.

  2. Chris Charles

    Light and refreshing, leaves my skin looking fresh

  3. Matthew Davies

    The SL1 moisturiser is a wonderful product. I am prone to oily skin, but have been using this every day (applying in the morning) and that oiliness is completely controlled. I then apply AM1 in the evening which is slightly heavier. Skin looking better than ever!

  4. Craig Spittles

    After years of trying different products to try to combat my sensitive, red and shine prone skin I’ve finally found the one for me. Yes it’s pricey but you get a LOT of bang for your buck. One pump of this is enough to have your face feeling soothed, nourished and shine free. It’s amazing how far it goes!

  5. Corey Warrington

    Out of all the names of patrick’s products this one really takes the cake. When SL stands for Superleggera it really does mean super light. Barely noticeable, I’m surprised the bottle is not made of carbon fibre and inconel its that good.

  6. Harry Palmer-Brown

    Easily the best moisturiser I’ve ever used! It smells absolutely divine and within a short space of time my skin has started to change; my nose (problem area) is less red and my pores are smaller. My skin is softer and more vibrant. Highly recommend this to anyone. The search for the ultimate moisturiser is over!

  7. MURRAY Radonich

    l really liked this moisturiser as it was very easy to apply, non greasy and such a small amount went a long way and it felt great on the skin to boot. Patricks has knocked this one out of the park.

  8. Nick Sciulli

    Excellent product! Goes on super light and has my tired skin looking immensely better in just a week.

  9. Ethan Stonnill

    I’ve been open to using moisturiser for a while but have been hesitant with my oily/combination skin so when this product dropped I was keen to try it. I was not disappointed, the sandalwood cologne along with the gentle consistency of the product made for top-class application. I noticed improvement very quickly with my pores visibly smaller along with my skin generally looking healthier. Just great stuff

  10. James GLEESON

    Good moisturiser, absorbs fast and is non greasy. Bit pricey but you need to pay for quality.

  11. Russell Garton

    Super light, skin feels hydrated and reduced shine. Great product

  12. Robert Thompson

    Excellent moisturiser for day time. Very light but nourishing.

  13. Paul Licina

    Great product. Smells good. Non-greasy.


    Smells good, and it does reduce the oil

  15. Stephen Jury

    SL1 is a great product. I use it most nights before bed and it makes the skin feel much more at ease. Highly recommended.

  16. Josh Yee

    Excellent product that is very hydrating and lasts the whole day!

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