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Travel size SL1 Super Leggera Moisturizer 8g: This lightweight emulsion is specifically formulated for shine-prone complexions, with oil-reducing ingredients performing synergistically alongside high-powered, skin perfecting actives. Superleggera works on the surface and beneath, clarifying pores, stimulating collagen and elastin, improving moisture retention and protecting against cellular damage.


  1. John D.

    The travel-sized SL1 Moisturizer is perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle. It packs all the punch of the full-size in a convenient, travel-friendly bottle. My skin feels hydrated and matte all day long.

  2. Michael Tua.

    Despite its small size, the SL1 travel moisturizer lasts surprisingly long. Just a small amount leaves my skin feeling nourished and matte. It’s become a daily essential for me.

  3. Mike L.

    Business trips used to wreak havoc on my skin until I started packing the SL1 travel size. It fits easily into my carry-on, and keeps my skin looking fresh and professional.

  4. Alex F.

    I never travel without the SL1 in my dopp kit now. Its mattifying effect is perfect for long flights, and the hydration it provides is unmatched. A must-have for any trip.

  5. Sara K.

    Whether it’s after a gym session or a long day out, the travel-sized SL1 gives my face an instant refresh without any oily residue. It’s like a quick reboot for my skin.

  6. Ethan R.

    The travel-sized body wash from Patricks is a game changer for my travel hygiene routine. Its invigorating scent and deep-cleansing formula leave me feeling refreshed, no matter where I am.

  7. Oliver Saunders

    This compact body wash is a must-have in my travel bag. It doesn’t take up much space, yet delivers the luxurious and refreshing shower experience Patricks is known for.

  8. Liam S.

    I’m impressed by how this travel-sized body wash maintains the quality and luxury of Patricks’ products. It’s perfect for keeping my skin cleansed and hydrated on short trips.

  9. Mario Miller

    After a long flight, the first thing I reach for is this body wash. Its energizing formula instantly revives my skin, making jet lag a little more bearable.

  10. Noah W.

    Patricks’ travel-sized body wash has become an essential part of my packing list. It ensures I don’t compromise on my skincare routine, no matter where I’m headed.

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