The “Ultimate Haircare Duo” pack from combines the SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo with the CD1 Stimulating and Thickening Conditioner, offering a targeted solution for men experiencing or concerned about hair loss. These best-selling products work in harmony to cleanse, thicken, and stimulate the scalp, promoting healthier, fuller-looking hair. Ideal for those seeking to proactively address hair thinning with a straightforward, effective regimen.

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Our best-selling haircare products in one convenient pack. SH1| DAILY THICKENING SHAMPOO & CD1 | STIMULATING AND THICKENING CONDITIONER are specifically formulated for men concerned with or beginning to experience hair loss.

SH1 is packed with strengthening proteins to help maximise hair density and injects strength into hair from the first wash, achieving thicker, fuller hair without weighing it down. Mild cleansing agents remove excess oil and product build up. Finished with Vetiver and Baltic Amber Cologne. CD1 is fortified with thickening proteins to instantly swell the hair shaft and menthol to gently stimulate the scalp, leaving both healthy and nourished. Finished with White Mint and Vetiver Cologne.

Both products contain Patricks Recovery Compound which combines both plant-based and scientifically engineered ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy. The combined and synergistic action of these ingredients directly address hair loss, hair growth, scalp and hair health.

Best Suited to: Thin to Normal Hair. Those concerned with or beginning to experience hair loss

Cruelty, Sulfate, Paraben and Phthalate Free. Made in USA.


  1. Justin Campbell

    Feels great, smells great

  2. Casper Jul

    Just as good as the numerous reviews!

  3. Enrico Sangiuliano

    very cool products!

  4. Stefan Harberts

    Great product with a great smell. Noticeable difference in a few weeks. Ensure to use both to maximise the results.

  5. Brennan McGuigan

    I didn’t believe the hype, but this stuff has totally over exceeded my expectations. When paired as a set, it tally slowed or regrew some of my hair. Thicker and fuller than before


    Going Bald waiting for them to be delivered

  7. Keith Fong

    Nice products. Will buy again. Good customer service too.

  8. Tayla Qualtrough

    The customer service is fantastic can not fault them! I am enjoying the product so far, SH1 & CD1, my hair feels it has a bit more texture to it. Will be buying more for sure!!

  9. Ash Bisset

    Only early days, but so far so good. No complaints and as a side benefit, my shower definitely looks a lot cooler now with that packaging!

  10. Nicholas Luscombe

    A week in and 99% sure I’m noticing results already. Smells great too which is a bonus of course. Will most likely purchase more!

  11. Peter NIcholds

    Perfect. As someone who prefers his hair short, these products definitely leave your hair feeling fuller which is superb when i create texture when styling my hair.

  12. John Cradock

    2 weeks of use and already noticed improvement. With someone with thin long shoulder length hair, I no longer find pulling out strands of hair on the couch, the pillow of even brushing hair and hair is more fuller. Highly recommend.

  13. Adem Oz

    Really good product, only been using it for a week or so but it feels great and smells amazing

  14. Yanni Mavrikis

    The best as always!

  15. Shaun Postians

    Hair feels much thicker, lovely smell and cool packaging as well!

  16. Mathew Eccleston

    Been using SH1 & CD1 for about a year now and my hair looks and fells thicker than before. I am hooked on the products and very happy with the results.

  17. Pete Washington

    Really good product, from design packaging to the actual product itself.
    Can’t wait to try other products


    Happy with the results, and will probably get more.

  19. Jovian Osterhout


  20. Dean Pagotto

    It turned up on time and loving the product so far. Let’s hope for more amazing results

  21. Peter Huckerby

    God product

  22. Marco Chau

    Tried for a week, I noticed a significant increase in hair density. Highly recommend!

  23. Chris Barber

    So far so good! Loving the way the conditioner leaves my hair looking and feeling!

  24. Tim Brown

    I’ve tried other thickening shampoos and they just can’t compare to Patrick’s! The scent, the later, the results speak for themselves and I know I’m giving my hair the best it deserves! Give it a try if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it!

  25. Brandon Blair

    I will absolutely reorder!

  26. Damian Wolfe

    Have had it a couple weeks now and have noticed my hair seems cleaner and softer then before. Package arrived in good amount of time. Hope with more months of use I notice some results.

  27. Steven Hastings

    Does what it says on the tin, smells great and the wife approves! Would recommend

  28. Shahd Wasim

    Bought the set third time. Great product. Highly recommended. Brilliant service a bonus

  29. Jing Wang

    Awesome Products! Beautiful Designs!

  30. Daniel Vasilevski

    Hair is noticeably thicker after a few weeks and the conditioner smells great too.

    After initially trying it I ordered 2 more sets.

  31. Raoel Moeniralam

    Amazing products, really love it.

  32. William Simpson

    Have definitely noticed a slow down in hair loss, both products are luxurious and love the packaging. My only negative is a couple of product queries I emailed have not been answered by customer services

  33. Nathan Levi

    Absolutely awesome shampoo. Love It!

  34. James Dickson

    First time buyer of the brand and the product and so far, I am very happy with my purchase. As someone who is in their 20’s and terrified of losing their hair, this product was a no brainer to compliment my hair regime.

    I’m not going to lie, I bought this with a grain of salt because of the number of similar ads and products you see on social media nowadays but I remain positive the ingredients in the products are genuine and are doing what the brand states they will do.

    2 weeks in and my hair is feeling much healthier. Though I am yet to see any more noticeable changes around hair thickness, I’m aware hair cycles take time so I’m anticipating this to become more evident over the next few weeks. In the meantime, my hair feels healthy and the product definitely smells better then any other hair product I’ve used in the past.

    Looking forward to continuing with this product and even diversifying into the skincare range eventually!

    10/10 will buy again.

  35. Ricky Davda

    I bough the Sh1 shampoo the first time round after seeing the reviews and honestly I wasn’t disappointed. It was a considered purchase for me as I have never spent this much on a shampoo but it was worth it. This time I decided to give the conditioner a go too and again have been really pleased with the results. Every day my hair smells great (like I’ve just left a fancy barber shop and it’s lasted me the best part of 4 months. I noticed results after a few washes and actually recieved complements on how thick my hair looked.

  36. Steven Cooke

    Best shampoo and conditioner I’ve used. I have thin hair (not balding, just fine hair) and tried many brands that say their stuff will make your hair look thicker, but none seem to really do anything. When combined with the lightweight matte product (also amazing) I’m pretty happy with my hair right now.

    Well worth it.

  37. Darren Johnson

    I have used the thickening set 3 times now and find that the shampoo and conditioning do make my hair feel fuller. Plus it drys with some volume in it. I have mainly transplanted hair on my scalp and SMP for density. I am unsure about reducing hair loss as I do other things about this but hair does feel fuller and more volume. Definitely recommend the product.

  38. Daniel Yap

    Fantastic prpduct!

  39. Michael Whittaker

    Great products – smell great and makes hair feel good

  40. Henry Williamson

    Leaves my hair fuller and has a nice subtle smell.

  41. Myers Heritage

    Leaves my hair feeling smooth and clean! Refreshing and a great scent!

  42. Michael Thornton

    Very happy with the product and how my hair looks and feels after a few weeks of using the shampoo and conditioner.

  43. J.J. CREEGAN

    Really enjoying this set. Hair feels and smells great.

  44. Michael Owen

    I have been using for a month now and I am definitely seeing an effect.

  45. Zibo Wang

    I have always been a customer of Patricks. The Thickening set is always in my travelling bag. As I am in the diving industry, years of sunlight and seawater damaged my hair greatly. This set actually works to save my hair from losing and thining. Absolutely great experience.

  46. Daniel Starr

    Shampoo smells amazimg.

  47. Joachim Kumar

    Excellent product! Smells great and works as advertised. Will definitely be reordering again!

  48. Jarahd Howard

    Only used it a few times but it looks great and that cooling sensation from the mint condioner is a nice touch

  49. Rob Andersson

    Smells great and pump size is a great amount.

  50. Joseph Ortega

    Great scent and awesome product!

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