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Travel size SH2 Deep Clean Shampoo 30ml: SH2 Deep Clean Shampoo is for men who require a deep clean after using water resistant, petrolatum based hair products, including M3 Matte Finish Strong Hold Styling Product. Formulated with powerful clarifying agents to remove the most stubborn styling products from hair and scalp in one wash, as well as antioxidants to protect and strengthen hair.


  1. Jordan Michaels

    The SH2 Deep Clean Shampoo is a game-changer for anyone needing a thorough cleanse from styling products. It’s effective from the first wash, leaving hair with added body and an incredible shine. The fact that it’s formulated with 17 naturally-active ingredients and is sulfate-free makes it even more impressive. It’s gentle yet powerful, perfect for daily use without stripping the hair.

  2. Ethan Brooks

    The commitment to innovation and quality is evident in the SH2 shampoo. Its ability to deeply clean while nurturing the scalp and hair is unmatched. The travel size doesn’t just meet the practical needs of men on the move; it ensures that wherever you are, your haircare routine doesn’t have to compromise.

  3. Derek Wilson

    The SH2 isn’t just a shampoo; it’s a statement of quality and sophistication. Suitable for thick to normal hair, it addresses the needs of men who use styling products daily. The thoughtful formulation not only cleanses but also protects and strengthens hair, which is crucial for maintaining hair health in the long run.

  4. Alex Thompson

    I’ve struggled with product buildup for years, but the SH2 has completely transformed my hair care routine. Its powerful clarifying agents effortlessly remove even the most stubborn styling products, leaving my scalp feeling refreshed and my hair looking healthier than ever. The inclusion of antioxidants and the signature Violet and Tobacco Leaf Cologne just elevate the whole experience.

  5. Sam Richardson

    Finding a travel-sized shampoo that doesn’t compromise on quality has always been a challenge, but Patricks’ SH2 is the perfect solution. It’s compact enough to fit in my travel bag but powerful enough to keep my hair looking great on the go. Plus, its protective and strengthening benefits are a major plus for anyone concerned with hair health.

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